6:31 a.m.

It’s a crowded plane.  I see all my favorite people: the lady with the three kids, the comb over, but not the scarf guy.  I put my carry on in the overhead compartment, but not before I pull out the ring.  It was the Juliet engagement ring, a marquise center stone surrounded by round diamonds with baguettes down the sides, set in 14 karat white gold with a .10 karat center diamond.  It was beautiful.  I was clueless when I walked into the store.  I only had my love and excitement leading me there, but it was a whole new world once I stepped inside.  I was only browsing for a few minutes and had only been asked by no less than 3 sales people when I fixed my eyes on the ring I was going to buy.  It didn’t jump out at me, it leaped into my hands and I took it home that day.  I try not to use layaway; If I don’t have the money right then and there, I don’t buy it.  But I definitely had the money that day.

The plane is about to take off as I put the ring in my pocket and stow away my bag.  The easiest thing for me to do would be take a nap, but I don’t like to show up tired for meetings and that’s what a nap does to you.   You may be refreshed on the inside, but the sleep shows up on your face.  When dealing with clients, especially clients like these, you have to look smarter, look better and be more in control than they are.  You have all the questions but you also have all the answers to them and you have to set that on the table when dealing with clients.  So, no sleep for me.  I merely day dreamed about the right moment I would ask the most important question of my life.


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