Friday 6:09 am

“I’m sorry, sir.  Our computers are slow this morning, so I can’t find you on the passenger list, but if you want to rebook for a later flight….”

I really don’t like this guy.  His pencil-thin moustache, and his balding head that gleams like the hood of a Camaro, who is he to mess with people?  This has never happened to me.  The company always books my flights and this has never happened.  I wouldn’t be so upset if I hadn’t been waiting here for the last ten minutes while his computer tries to catch up.

“Sir, if you could step out of line while the other passengers check in….”

“Okay, but…”
“Please, sir.”

So I do.  Then I call Henry.

“Yes, the computers are slow, but he can’t find me on the boarding list.”
“Well, I put you on there, so ….Maxine” Henry hits his secretary’s intercom button,” Maxine, get off your coffee break and answer me.”

A worried, older woman’s voice comes over, garbled.
“Yes, sir”
“Did you book Downey on his New York flight?”
“Yes, sir.”
“On the 6:20?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Well, okay then.  Uh, Maxine, bring me a coffee and one of those twisted doughnuts, not a stale one.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Did you hear that, Downey?”
“Of course sir.”
“If that little puissant can’t find you,  you put him on the phone with me an I’ll harass him until he does.  You know I can.  Now, just listen in today because I’m not sure about all we’re dealing with here.  So, be observant and record everything.  I want a full report when you get back.  Good luck.”
And he hung up.

I watched several people pass through the check out desk; a middle aged woman with three kids that looked to be getting the best of her , a short man with a comb over, a dark haired guy with a scarf over his face, which has no relevancy in California but who am I to judge.  The desk attendant looks over at me and in his mightier than I manner, gives me a brisk wave to come back.  I approach him and try giving a stern look, telling him I just got off the phone with someone very important and I know I’m supposed to be on this plane.

“Sir, I have found you on the boarding list.  I’m sorry for the mix up.  Here’s your pass.  You’re at Gate 13.  ”
Then, the short smile with that moustache gave me the equivalent of the finger.  What could I say?  I would be the rude one if I voiced a loud complaint now, not to mention I only had a few minutes to get on the plane so I wouldn’t be late.



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