Mario Party (original N64)



Playability/Controls- 8

Graphics- 7

Music- 6.5

Replay Value – 10

Originality- 10

Final: 83%

First off, the game begins with an intro with all the Mario characters arguing, and what pray tell, is this argument start with?   Who’s the strongest?   Really?  That’s how this amazing console spanning franchise began with people (and apes) rolling up their short sleeves and posing like Hulk Hogan?

So, playing Mario Party OG is so, so so so so much like playing any recent iteration of Mario Party; it’s set on a board just like you would set up at home on your kitchen table; the dice determine how far you move, there are special spaces on the board and the characters are your pawns.  The design of this title is so simple yet so genius in it’s approach.  What family doesn’t sit down and play board games and they’ve brought to your console.  You’ll also be relieved to know that no matter how low you set your CPU opponents’ skill level, they will still manage to collect stars quicker and catch better dice rolls than you do.   That has never changed in all of the years of these titles.  And while this game can be hours of engrossing fun, it can also torment you like tiny little devils poking your ass with their pitchforks.  It’s ridiculously frustrating when you are only 3 spaces away from a Star only to have Luigi dumbly land on a space where he can have Wario take all your coins!   Sometimes, in frustration, I vow never to wear overalls again.

Mario Party also doesn’t seem to suffer from the “look” of most N64 titles; I don’t know how it avoided the blockiness but it’s one of the smoother games for this system.  The music is very happy, very Mario-ish but isn’t particularly memorable.   But, there’s no denying the replay value of this game.  It’s practically endless….until you realize they’ve made like 12 more of them!!  Mario Party 7 is still my personal favorite, but my daughter and I found ourselves just as sucked into all the high’s and low’s of the original party game.




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