Super Series #More : Super High Impact

Smash Mouth Football, that’s what this…..hold on a tick….is that guy’s hand missing it’s skin?   WTF….

This game is supposed to be a more fun, hockey like atmosphere, and I say hockey like because you can engage in a full-on fight mode with your teams; it’s a button mashing exercise but it does break up the back and forth excitement of the game with more excitement.

Football games are an acquired skill, one that I have not fully developed; I’ve tried and tried for years but to no avail; this game is easy to play, easy to control and easy to understand, so that’s saying something if I’m picking it up.  There’s also fun graphics built in to accentuate the hilarity and punishing and insulting plays you may pull off or have pulled off against you.

I think it’s supposed to represent an NBA Jam type of game but it feels more like Mutant League Football taken in a different direction.   Everything to do with the game is “good” and makes it fun but it doesn’t accelerate into the top level of great games.


67% out of 100



My Fantasy Football Squad ranked in order of points they’ve gotten me so far this year:

LeGarrette Blount (Patriots)- 121 points over 7 weeks

Carson Palmer (Cardinals)- 119 points over 7 weeks

Adam Vinatieri (Colts)- 103 points over 10 weeks

Mark Ingram (Saints)_ 98 points over 9 weeks

Dez Bryant (Cowboys)- 90 points over 7 weeks

Demariyus Thomas (Broncos)- 86 points over 9 weeks

Rob Gronkowski (Patriots)- 84 points over 7 weeks

Marcus Mariota (Titans)- 67 points over 3 weeks

Carlos Hyde (49er’s)- 66 points over 6 weeks

Jarvis Landry (Dolphins)- 50 points over 7 weeks

Christine Michael (Seahawks)- 46 points over 5 weeks

Bengals Defense/Special Teams- 32 points over 6 weeks

Jordan Matthews (Eagles)- 18 points over 3 weeks

Rishard Matthews (Titans)- 17 points 1 week

Dwayne Allen (Colts)- 15 points over 2 weeks

Titans Defense/Special Teams – 14 points over 5 weeks

Josh Lambo (Chargers)- 7 pts 1 week

Coby Fleener (Saints)- 4 pts 1 week

Cameron Meredith (Bears)- 1 pt 1 week



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