Monster Truck Wars (Sega Game Gear)

We don’t talk about the Game Gear here that much, one big reason being I believe it to be the worst in graphics and playability of any game console, hand-held or otherwise, in the last 20 years.  I often imagine the poor games trapped inside their bulky blue host to be like the Incredible Shrinking Man, stuck in a Coke bottle, praying to be let out.

What we have here though, is an anomaly.  Monster Truck Wars’ colors and layout isn’t mired in scratchy fog; I can distinctly tell exactly where we are.  The gameplay is really fun too; it’s like a they took Micro Machines for NeS and just threw the control scheme into a blender and kept the graphics tight and clear and said have fun!   Seriously, these trucks are hard to keep going in one direction for any real semblance of time.  I can see there’s mud all over the track, but either they took that to the next level in designing the game, or the controls are looser than Lindsay Lohan’s morals.  (Let’s throw Glenn Beck in there too, so we’re not discriminating.)

If you have a Game Gear and need, desperately to find a game you can actually see what it is  your doing and still have fun, try out this one!



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