Revenge of the Apes (Atari 2600)

You know how some people will say “Just tell me the first thing that comes to your mind”: well, when I turn this game on , my first initial thought is “This looks identical to the Planet of the Apes Atari game.”   I believe I have played that game…and I believe it looked just like this.

That being said, a lot of times when not fully understanding an Atari game, I may just move on; but I told myself I’m going to figure this one out.  It also reminds me of ET as you have a map that you can’t see, but if you move up and down, left and right of the screen it takes you to different screens but they look the same.  Scrolling across the screen are a few different apes, some of them throw things some of them will lock you up in Ape Jail.  You also have a “health meter” starting at 100 and counting down , and a lives meter, which actually starts at 9, holy s*** that’s a lot of tries for Atari.   There are some bad traps though; there’s like a mud pit at the bottom of this jungle screen so if you move up a screen and hit another jungle screen, you run right into the mud and it drains you continuously unless you get out.  It’s a real asshole.

I ran around for quite a while and found a bunch of different screens and killed a whole bunch of apes but I never fully found the way out.  But, this wasn’t a bad game, just a monotonous one to say the least.

I’d be remised if  I didn’t mention the most awesome thing about this game; the music!   It’s a total rock and synthesizer mix that changes tune throughout and man, it made this game seem a whole lot more rockin than it actually was.

4.5 – Playability

5- Graphics

9.5- Sound

4- Replay Value

3- Originality

Total: 52%


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