Wizards & Warriors (NES)

This one was recommended to me by my buddy Steve; he mentioned he played this a lot as a kid.  As soon as I saw that completely chopped down forest, I knew where I was.  This game frustrated me a lot as a kid; the doors seemed to travel to other doors if you could maneuver up them; you collect treasure and items (including keys) but I never realized you had to collect 3 different keys to move through to the level boss.    So, this was like an awakening to me.

The music here is simply fantastic; it runs from haunting Castlevania type themes, to droning repeated beats like the White Stripes to a upbeat theme that reminds me of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley”.   You won’t likely forget it.  I’m not totally digging the attack mode; but once you get the throwing dagger, these pesky multi-colored birds aren’t so damn annoying.

I played that first board for quite a while before figuring out the key conundrum and what the “silent knight” was doing there.  But, despite my frustrations, I didn’t find myself trying to break open my controller like a chocolate Easter Egg as other NES titles may lead me to do.

I only made it to the 3rd or 4th level before calling it; if anyone recognizes this image, they may be clued into why:


I could definitely see myself picking this title up again and giving it another whirl; it’s a cool game I never really thought about much since those early years and those memories are about as pleasant as Colonel Oats sighting:







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