XIII (Gamecube)

Digging through my stack of Gamecube games I find this one w/ no sleeve, I think bought from a going out of business sale of a GameStop, a former subsidiary of Blockbuster Video (kids, remember video stores??)   It’s a Ubisoft game, so you know shooting’s involved, which is kind of a welcome change when turning on that purple box.

It’s just…..the shooting is a bit difficult here; the controls themselves aren’t perfect either.  You don’t get much health to survive some crazy situations.  I just don’t like the control structure; I even tried switching it out but it just doesn’t play fluently.

Now, the graphics are something else entirely; they make this game playable when it’s frustrating to play.  There’s a whole storyline going on as well but it’s really not that exciting.   The cut scenes play out like a comic book, or a pulp magazine which really makes the game zoom along.   It’s got style for days but the substance lacks quite a bit.

Total: 66%



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