The Money We Owe and the Money We Borrow (4)

The next suspect for my isolation  with her in my now severely scuffed up Firebird is the self-proclaimed Poobah of Hoo-Ha himself, King Tut.  He is one of the biggest adult film directors in the eastern United States.  His company, Pharaoh XXX Pictures, have produced over 10,000 films in the last 7 years.  How Tommy and I got involved with him is the same way we get involved with all the seedy people that cross our paths: We scammed him.  I happened upon a film camera that I sold to someone who knew someone who knew Tut, and when he asked when he get more for such a cheap rate , all the trails led back to me.  He needed 5 cameras, so I asked for $35,000.  He gave me 15 up front and promised the other 20 upon delivery.  Smart Man.  I had no intention of delivering the other cameras, nor did I have the means of acquiring them.  Well, Tut didn’t take well to people who scammed him , so we were in for it.

Tommy and I were at Blake’s, a local bar that gets pretty wild, but if you know where to sit, no one could find you.  That’s exactly what we needed.  Needless to say, we got pretty hammered and on this particular night, they were having an amateur Wet T-Shirt contest.  So, naturally, we had to get front row now.  She probably spotted us from backstage and made the call.  Her name (stage) was Vixen.  Very appropriate, she was a Pharaoh girl, I guess trying to make some side money.  She had a million dollar body, which was bought and paid for.  Tut probably had the receipt.  So, of course, every stiff in the joint was panting after her.  Incredibly enough, she paid attention to Tommy and me most of the night.  This all took place about a week ago, my best guess.  Anyways, her friends invited us to a late night party.  We were completely bombed at this point and would’ve went home with Big Bird if he was wearing a low cut dress, so we said yes.  A limo pulled up in the back of Blake’s, and we all piled in.  I briefly remember seeing her top being pulled off, then nothing after that.

I woke up , some time later I’m guessing and I couldn’t see, or open my eyes, I wasn’t sure.  But, I heard a voice.

“Hello, Jonathan.  You’re blind-folded.  Don’t remove it.  It’s in your best interest.”
I knew the voice; Tut.  I felt this wave of heat coming towards me and I could hear a fire crackling somewhere close.
“What’s with the fire?” I asked.
“Don’t you know where you are?  You’re in the Ring of Pleasure.  There has to be a fire here to ignite the passion that we need.”
That didn’t make a bit of sense, but everybody says that Tut spoke in abstract things, and never like a real, 21st century human being.

“Stand up and hold out your hands, palms up.”
I did as he said, and wondered if my balls were still attached.  I was definitely wearing something different than I had been earlier.  I knew I was wearing my jeans because my legs felt exposed, as did my chest, so I guess my Eagles T-shirt was gone too.  I was more than likely in the middle of some strange sex game.  I extended my arms and awaited whatever disturbing toy he put in my hands.  When he placed an item in my awaiting palm, I knew what it was.   A net.  The handle was long and a hard plastic, but the vinyl mesh gave it away.  What it was for I had not a clue.

“You must choose your subject with this net.  You are surrounded by beautiful butterflies who await your examination.  Use your senses to select the perfect one.  Now; choose.”

And off I walked.  I moved forward and sure enough I could hear feet moving over the solid ground and voices giggling. I pulled the net up to a position I could swing from and I took my first swipe, hitting nothing but air.  I heard the woman’s amusement through their laughter and I even heard Tut chuckling behind me.  I began swinging wildly, hoping the pure random chance of netting a girl would happen, but I came up with nothing every time.  It seemed as if they had played this game before.  So, now I stepped and used my ears to hear them.  It seemed one was brave and was coming directly in front of me.  I let her get near, then I heard her laughing, but not towards me, so I knew she was looking back at her comrades.  That’s when I struck.  And sure enough, the net fit tightly around her and I had my subject.  Tut was now clapping, coming towards me.

“Well done.  Well done.  You have Tiffany, a wonderful subject.  Now, remove the net.”

I did as he asked.  In the back of my mind, I wondered where this was going to go to bad, but the moment was almost too much for me to think defensively.

“Now you must examine her.  Slowly and carefully.  Keep the blindfold on, but search her body and know it’s form.”

I reached out in front of me, and felt hair.  Soft, silky hair, the kind that smells like lavender.  I moved down to her face, which again was smooth, a little sweaty, but not oily at all.  I couldn’t feel any bumps or pimples, only a clean palette.  Her nose was little, and her lips were wet.  I examined further, to her neck, and her shoulders.  They were pointy, but not bony and felt nice.  Her arms were slightly muscular, and her arms were as soft as chinchilla fur. I moved back to her chest, which as well endowed.  Her breasts weren’t heavy and had no sag to them, but were the kind you never want to stop touching.  Her stomach was as hard as mountain rock and her hips were narrow.  I was now on my knees and could tell she had a pleasant smell.  Her privates were well groomed and it tickled when I touched her.  Her thighs were a little meaty, as was her ass, but they both had tightness.  Her calves were the same and her feet felt normal enough.  She seemed perfect and I truly knew every inch of her now.  I stood back up and looked in Tut’s general direction.

“Now, do you know your subject?”
“I believe  I could draw her.”
“Can you remember her? In detail?”
“Yes, Tut, I said I could.”
“That’s good.  Then, she will never be forgotten.”
Then, a loud bang.  Right next to me.  And then a thump.  Tiffany was dead.  And I was next.



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