Metroid Prime (Gamecube)

Samus Aran’s return to Nintendo back in 2001 was a pretty damn amazing comeback:


Playability – 8.5

This is not a side scrolling Metroid game; it’s a first person shooter, maybe one of the first, certainly a ground breaking entry in Nintendo’s FPS library.  The option available to Samus, the plasma burst, the missiles, the scan visor, the Morphball, there is a litany of options for you to move around and attack and interact with the environment; I think that’s the most fun part of this game; You feel as if you are a cybernetic warrior because you interact with everything around you.

Now, the camera can be tricky, as with quite a few games in this era; especially trying to move up/ jump up walls, interact with elevators/ switches, even target enemies.  But, it’s more of a hindrance you can work around, with any game, you feel out the camera and are able to figure it out.



Graphics- 10

I love the graphic style of Metroid Prime; you go from the confines of space inside a bloody space station, to a jungle planet, to a snowy frozen world full of dangers and so on; there is some amazing art style in this game, and it really does transport you into these worlds.


Music/Sound- 7.5

Each levels sound just adds to the isolation of this game; each planet you inhabit, there’s no one there but monsters wanting to kill you; a lot of games are based like this but for some reason this game puts you into that isolation and while exploring and opening up doorways, looking for weapon upgrades, you feel against the odds but just as Samus, you brave the worlds regardless and the music just amps you up for that mission.


Replay Value- 9.5

This is a game that begs to be explored; traveling to these different worlds, finding your way around them, waiting until that boss appears; it takes shooting and platforming and puts them both into one shiny package and one of Gamecube’s best offerings


Originality- 10

As I said, it turned Metroid into a new evolving game for the more modern take; and it works so well.  The shooting gallery gameplay; the platforming through different areas, with the use of the Morphball, and the amazing boss battles and locales, this game truly remains one of the best in Nintendo’s catalogue especially for GameCube.





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