Shining Force (Sega Genesis)

Ok, Dark Dragon is not coming back, Darksol is defeated and Anri has inherited the kingdom?  The Shining Force was successful but what of our hero?  My hero (whom I named Savannah, after my daughter, even though the character is referred to as male; no gender roles assigned here, peeps!) , I believe, faded into the world and still performs heroics today.

Shining Force holds a special place for me; my cousin Chris (who’s like a brother to me) loved this game.  They were one of the only people I knew that had The Sega Channel, a monthly subscription service that hooked up through coaxial cable into your TV and each month switched up it’s library of Sega Genesis games you could play through your TV.  For poor kids like us, it was cool because you didn’t have to have money to buy every game out there.  Well, I must have watched Chris for hours, toil away at a game called Shining Force.  I had no recollection of the actual game or what it entailed; so I wanted to visit it in my own way.

First thing I learned, Chris his games.  I am giving this game a 10 in 3 categories: Playability (for which I played through the whole thing, rare these days), Replay Value (amazing replay value with secret characters and different leveling strategies) and Originality; this game made role playing games a strategy game; there’s a chess game like element to this game, the positioning, the attack patterns, etc.   And it’s a deep game; there’s a lot of game to discover.

The graphics and sound are both very high quality in their own right, but not at the top tier; even though there is some really cool presentations the graphics give you with the story and direction the game takes.  The music is pretty repetitive for most of the game but there are also some really dramatic notes during some of the big battles.

This is a game that all gaming fans should discover at one point in their game playing career.



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