Zoboomafoo- Playtime in Zobooland (Game Boy Color) & 3 others

I’ll be honest; this is a game based on a show my daughter discovered on Netflix; see, she’s obsessed with the Wild Kratts (PBS kids show about animals) and this was their first show, years ago.  It has an animal component to it; but this game chose to focus on the strange Claymation portion of the show.  Quite frankly, it weirds me out when she watches it but I wanted to give the game a shot for her.

It’s a very simple kids game; once I figured out what we were doing, it took about 20 minutes to beat the whole thing (6 levels)  You jump around as Zoboo (his short name) and collect diff. tokens (bubbles, berries) depending on the level; once you have enough you give them to your animal friends and they give you back a picture from your collection.  That’s it.

That being said, the graphics are pretty decent for this system (there were like 20 designer credits before the game starts!) and the music is up beat and more action themed than the game calls for; Zoboo is easy to control but there’s not much to do with him.  That being said, this would be the perfect game to start any little gamer on but I suspect even they would get bored with it after a go -through.

Playability/Controls- 5      Graphics- 6       Music/Sound- 5.5     Replay Value- 1.5    Originality- 3    Final: 42%


V-Rally Championship Edition

Clean graphics are a commodity on the GBC especially for racing games; I’ve already tested a plethora of titles and the graphics are scratchy and muddy.  This game puts you outside and you can actually tell it’s outside!   The controls on this vehicle are top notch; I was super impressed and the courses aren’t that tricky; but that all is balanced out because if you stray off the road a centimeter you’re flipping that car like a rubber ball from a quarter machine.

Good gameplay and clean graphics do wonders for a racing game and keep me in the driver’s seat

PlayabilityControls- 7       Graphics- 7      Musci/Sound- 3.5       Replay Value- 8      Originality- 5     Final: 61%


Yar’s Revenge

The little slot-nosed bug eyed space invader is back!   There’s 2 modes here; classic or the updated version; I knew I was at least saddling up once for a go in the old arcade mode but wanted to see Yar’s new tricks

The upgrades are all completely unnecessary; extra defenses to shoot against and more projectiles coming at you; seems like they widened the screen so you have more room to maneuver but I didn’t like the new features at all.   I’m a habitual ritualist (meaning I fear change!  ) so I’m sticking with the classic port.

It’s cleaned up too and doesn’t have the old school look it used to, which makes me want to put a sad-face emoji over my tv screen.

Playability/Controls- 3.5       Graphics- 5       Sound/Music- 3      Replay Value- 5    Originality- 4    Final: 41%


X-Men: Mutant Academy

The mutants are out!  First off, I’m a sucker for all things Marvel and the opening scenes show off graphics that look torn right from the 90’s animated series; oooh tasty nostalgia, I’m hungry!

AS far as a GBC fighting game goes, this one ain’t half- bad!  The actual in-game character models aren’t as Saturday Morning as I’d like them but they’re still waay better than most games here (don’t play Shreks’ Fairy Freakdown- you’ll think you’re in the movie Freaks with Randy Quaid).  I didn’t pick up many special moves, but there was a satisfaction to clawing my opponents to submission with my favorite canuck, Wolverine.

I also loved the in-game detail; each stage features a classic setting from the XMen universe; the Morlock Tunnels, the Weapon X Facility; they got it all.  And the music! It’s so kick-ass I was digging through my phone trying to dl’d it for a ringtone

Play it up and enjoy some fun mutant mayhem; you won’t regret it!

Playability/controls- 5       Graphics- 5         Music/Sound- 7.5      Replay Value- 6.5     Originality- 6       Final: 60%


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