Hardest Sega Genesis Games

F*** These Games


Vectorman & Vectorman 2

At first glance, Vectorman seems to be the type of character Sega paid the bills with; unique look, cool don’t care attitude, and deep, gameplay experience waiting all those kids with allowance and the holidays coming up.  But, here we are 20 some years later, has anyone even heard of him?

When you play Vectorman, the gameplay is quite simple;  you shoot sparks ( I think) and collect power ups to up your ammo game (sort of like an old school Atari space game).  You travel through levels defeating enemies and collecting sparks.  Vectorman is easy to control, can jump fairly well and his shooting mechanic is very simple.  What makes this so hard?

The levels are confusing first off, and are littered with enemies; if you happen to die, and go back, all the powerups are gone, but the enemies are back. That’s a bitch.  The boss fights are fun too.  After playing level 1, you get a pretty good feel for what the game is like.  Then level 2 springs up’ you’re a train of some sort and it’s rough going across the rails.  Level 1 took me literally forever to defeat; but, I never felt like it was impossible, just a good game experience.

Vectorman 2 was more of the same, but some improvements were made; it had better options, graphics weren’t improved but the soundtrack was just as fun and arcade-y.  The gameplay was much more watered down though, which meant I got further but didn’t necessarily have as much fun doing.

Vectorman- 63%

Vectorman 2 – 65%



Aero Biz

What in the world…..

This is Sin City but for the Airline business?   How the hell did this get made?  It was so bizarre even starting the game, but it did have a certain appeal.  But, it just didn’t capture my attention; I saw a tree blowing in the breeze out of my window then realized I needed to pick up a wet towel off the ground.  I’m sure there are tons of players out there who are into this game, but it wasn’t me.




ESwat: City Under Siege

Take me back to the days of playing a game where you have a single shot gun and enemies coming out of every bee-hole on the stage!  Yeah, this is classic gaming.  This game more than the others so far has the NES feeling of being outgunned in a no-win environment.  The game looks okay, has somewhat decent music and is just a bit hard to play and doesn’t offer enough to really keep the momentum going.




Streets of Rage 3

Now we’re talking!   I’ll play Streets of Rage all day; I had actually never played Streets of Rage 3; instead doleing out uppercuts on the original and back flip kicks in the mean streets of Rage 2.   I picked my favorite skater punk, Skate, from the sequel to play again here.  I didn’t particularly find this game hard; it’s that classic beat ’em up where you roam the stages fighting wave after wave of bad guy until you get to that boss at the end.  Numerous titles have been made with this format, and honestly, i’m always a sucker for them.  Streets of Rage 3 is gorgeous; the backgrounds are amazing; the disco club is particularly bad-ass.  The fighting is top notch; and the enemies aren’t nearly as hard as most other games like this.   I didn’t find this game too tough but I sure as hell enjoyed playing it.




Alien Storm

Again- just like SOR3 this is a traveling beat em up, but with a specific theme, sort of like Golden Axe; here you’re fighting alien creatures in a cool abandoned city setting.  The game itself, I didn’t find too hard, just a lot of fun.  The game elements aren’t as polished as SOR3 and the enemies bring the pain here, but still a pretty fun experience overall.



Alex Kidd in Enchanted Castle


My boy Alex; not really.  Kinda hate the little punk.

This is the first game I played starring him and I think the one he may be most known for; Rock, Paper Scissors games where you can lose all your money (because apparently gambling is a vice for Kidd), one hit deaths and strange enemies all over the place fill up the landscape of this strange game.  I actually have put some time into this one and gotten decently far; but it’s a slough.  Any game where 1 touch from anything not pixelated into the background is always a rough go but this one is one of the most notorious I can think of for the 16 bit Genesis era.  I know it has it’s fans but I can only take so much time in the Enchanted Castle.



***overall, comparing to NES< Sega doesn’t have any brutal ball busting mind-blowing finger smashing frustration that system brought upon us young gamers; I mean, Silver Surfer?   Back to the Future?   Most of these games here are somewhat self-explanatory and don’t make you want to smash your system against the wall.


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