Uniracers SNES

I had to get something down here first;

I tried out Uniracers on recommendation from my good buddy and huge video game aficionado Didge and I was not disappointed.   You’re a unicycle, a one-wheeled bike but you have a mind of your own!  This is the game that invented trick racing, waaaay before Tony Hawk started cruising handrails on the PlayStation.  Look at that pic; you see that weird candy-cane licorice thing the bike is riding on?  That’s the tracks- but they’re even crazier than that- upside down loops, reverse momentums, everything.

Just in my first exploratory play, I was digging this game’s crazy fast pace and fun racing mechanics.  When Didge explained tricks gain you speed and that 2 player mode is the best, I needed more time with it!  Let’s score it

Playability/Controls- 5 (hard to get used to but think they’ll be more fluid with more practice)

Graphics- 6.5        Music/Sound- 5      Replay Value- 7    Originality- 10  Final: 67%




This is Bruce Lee (actually it’s Jason Lee, who played him in a 1993 biopic about his life and death).   There is a game based on that movie based on his life and death.   It has good graphics.   I played it a lot when I was a teenager and made it all the way to Kareem Abdual Jabar.   I played it last week and the drunk sailor beat my ass after a jump kick across the screen.   I am not happy with this game anymore.

Final: 43%



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