Gamer Party Invite #1

Hello- this is a new series where I played a whole slew of games featuring one main character and wanted to discuss all the games together:   Today; our special party guest is ……………


Alex Kidd!


Alex Kidd, in a pre-Hedgehog world, was the supposed poster child for Sega , the upstart company poised to take on Nintendo and it’s 8-bit crown.  It’s an odd choice; he looks like a young monkey in a Bruce Lee jumpsuit with gnarly 70’s sideburns.  His choice of games I played on Sega Master was an odd one and kept me guessing as to what task I would be performing in it.  Let’s take a look at what he was up to:

Alex Kidd in the High-Tech World

I’m not kidding ; the goal of the game in this high-tech world is to find 8 scraps of paper.   Paper.  Does anything feel more high-tech?  It’s a strange point and click type game where sudden game mistakes (like going down the wrong staircase or taking the wrong type of paper) end the game.  No joke.   It’s very Maniac Mansion, which you know I love.

You’re in a house with 6 stories , with various people, and objects to interact with.  Sometimes you get to fight enemies.  You have to take a pop quiz on a variety of topics.  But, all you want to do is go to the arcade.  There’s not much controls involved and it’s a weird way to spend your time.  All that said, I think I liked it when it was over.

Alex Kidd – BMX Trial

This one was only released in Japan and it’s a straight kid-friendly racing game; you do deal with young miscreants trying to knock you off but it has such cuddly graphics, you don’t mind.  I found the gameplay fairly easy but with enough skill needed to traverse the tracks that it didn’t lose my interest.

Both of these games are also relatively short too; which isn’t a bad thing.

Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

Here you put that sleek track suit to work and karate slice bad dudes into bursts as Kidd is equipped!   With sword in hand , you traverse 5 levels (I think) and fight bosses at the end of each (that are harder than trying to figure out how to play Miracle World) .  It’s different in that in’s more linear than other Kidd games, and that I liked.

And you get a sword!  And powerups- at one point, you can sort of transform into a whirlwind of sword chopping action and it’s pretty cool.

Alex Kidd and the Lost Stars:
I have to admit; I didn’t get too far in this one.  It wasn’t complicated; you’re Alex and you look more kid like than ever, but it’s a linear adventure game and it’s very simple.  I have to say; the graphics and sound are real bad, but it’s still the late 80’s.  Kidd basically looks like a boy in a red shirt who missed dinnertime.  There isn’t much to like here.

****You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned Enchanted Castle; it’s his most famous title; If I haven’t already gone over that one, I will in the future.****

Overall, I liked the strangeness of High-Tech World most of these titles even if I never did find those last 2 pieces of paper.  These are games for a different time and they’re not for everyone but if you are an adventurous gamer, Alex Kidd may be that out of left field party invite that kinda make the night memorable; I could def. see Alex keg-standing while someone threw tennis balls at his nards when he got older.







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