Hidden Gems #1

I wanted to collect a group of games (inverse to Don’t Play This Game series) that surprised me, that I didn’t know about or were better than I could have anticipated.



Did you ever play those maze games you operate with one hand, usually have the cheap plastic cardboard backing to it and you’re trying to maneuver a tiny ball around to get to the end?  This is the full video game version of it, but it comes with extras:  a timer, ways to lose time, ways to get knocked back, ways to get stuck, it’s a deep gaming experience based solely off those cheap little games you may pack into your kids birthday party gift bags for the other little ones that show up.  And I loved it.  Why Did I love it?  I guess in some way I always had an affinity for those dumb little games; so to build up on that experience with this game, it really hooked me.  Played this for quite some time.

Playability/Controls- 7        Graphics- 3       Music/Sound- 3.5      Replay Value- 9     Originality- 8.5     Final: 62%



For the first time, looking at the cover of this game, it looks like anime gone wrong.  But, turn this sucker on, you get crazy graphics, like hyper-real, fun as hell weapons, and a kung fu kid nutcase swinging through screens like Spider-Man.  I couldn’t stop playing it!  How Did I not know about this ?

Playability/ Controls- 8          Graphics- 9       Music/Sound- 8       Replay Value- 9     Originality- 10     Final: 88%



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