Star Raiders (Atari 2600)

Take the cockpit and blow these other “radiers” out of the sky.  I had never played this game, never heard of it, but it has a legacy unlike any other.  It’s like registered in Washington DC as possibly the most iconic video game of all time.  It’s been used as a training model, the game’s layout.

All you have is  a target and a nav computer where enemy ships show up depending on where you turn.  Your goal: nuke them!  This game is hard to master; and for Atari, looks pretty amazing.  It def. takes some practice to get down how to maneuver, and how to hit your targets.  I also loved the sound; classic arcade shooting noise and ambient sounds are two of my favorite noises in the world (besides my daughter’s voice and the whale songs from Star Trek IV).  I was impressed with the simplicity of the gameplay but how the game came together as a whole.   Imagine if I’d just picked it up in the 80’s; probably never forget it.

Playability/ Controls- 7.5         Graphics- 8      Music/sound- 7        Replay Value- 7.5     Originality- 9.5     Final: 79%




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