The Flash (Sega Master) & Others

The Fastest Man Alive….and you have the power to control him!  After playing this hard to find gem, let me tell you….

he’s freakin unstable!  This game is based off the TV show from the 90’s from what I gather; you try and collect as many Flash logos in the level as possible in a frenetic pace that can be a blessing and a curse.   To me, playing this, Flash was the test market for how to actually program Sonic the Hedgehog into a game.  Flash is fast; there’s no doubt but he moves so fast in this game, it’s a nightmare to control that speed and rein it in enough to get you collectibles and avoid traps, holes in the ground and bad guys shooting at you.   I think that’s the trick to the game; Control Flash and Master his game.  Unfortunately, I could not.  He did some cool tricks though; he could tornado enemies off the board and his jump was stellar for a side scroller.  This is a decent game I wish I could have explored more of.

Playability/ Controls- 4       Graphics- 6      Music/Sound- 4.5     Replay Value- 5.5    Originality- 6     Final: 52%


Jurassic Park

Every console has featured at least 1, if not 45 different versions of a Jurassic Park game and to their credit, they all run the gamet of top view, side scrolling, 1st person, any view you can think of.  This version is no different.  First off, the graphical engine of the Sega Master is working at top capacity; this has to be a late entry into the system’s library as it looks better than most everything else that has come before it.

You start each level in a jeep, traveling to a certain section of the island: as you get there, a dinosaur will be on the attack and you either have to defeat or last as long as you can before you’re on foot as (presumably) Dr. Grant and it becomes a basic action game.

It’s a different approach and the varied gameplay actually makes it kind of refreshing; there’s actually some strategy to the Jeep battles to which makes them a bit more fun to play.  I don’t think it will stand atop the other JP games but it’s certainly more original than at least half the catalogue.



Playability/ Controls- 3.5       Graphics- 7.5      Music/Sound- 4      Replay Value- 5.5    Originality- 5.5      Final: 52%


The New Zealand Story

I’m a kiwi.  What the hell is that?

Besides confounding me with the game title, this strange looking game is actually a inginuitive platformer.  What you play is a little bird looking thing that can shoot berries, later other items, and you’re trying to rescue your fellow friends that were taken from the zoo.  A noble notion but what can a little yellow blob of feathers do?

Well, you ride on living platforms, you bomb stuff, this game is kind of nuts.  But, it’s a fun nuts like watching Robin Williams on a late night talk show.  I really had no idea what was going on in the game, but in this instance, I wasn’t too concerned with it.  Just have fun and throw another shrimp on the, nope, not even going to finish that terrible line.

Playability/Controls- 5       Graphics- 6     Music/Sound- 6      Replay Value- 6    Originality- 5.5    Final: 57%



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