Enter: Game Boy Color!


Aliens- Thanatos Encounter


Playability/Controls- 5       Graphics- 5      Music/Sound- 6      Replay Value- 5.5    Originality- 6.5     Final: 56%





Playability/Controls- 5.5       Graphics- 6       Music/Sound- 5       Replay Value- 5     Originality- 8      Final: 62%



ECW Hardcore Revolution

Playability/Controls- 4.5      Graphics- 5.5      Music/Sound- 4      Replay Value- 4.5    Originality- 5    Final: 47%


Galaga- Destination Earth

Playability/Controls- 6.5       Graphics- 7      Music/Sound- 5.5      Replay Value- 7.5    Originality- 3.5     Final: 59%


Inspector Gadget- Operation Madkactus

Playability/ Controls- 4       Graphics- 6      Music/Sound- 2.5     Replay Value- 4   Originality- 5.5      Final: 44%


Nick Toons Racing

Playability/ Controls- 3      Graphics- 1.5      Music/Sound- 1      Replay Value- 5     Originality- 2.5    Final: 26%



Playability/ Controls- 4.5        Graphics- 3       Music/Sound- 1      Replay Value- 6     Originality- 0       Final: 29%


The Verdict:

So far, Game Boy Color lives up to it’s name in besting it’s predecessor: It’s IN COLOR!  It’s a much needed adjustment to the often rote, hard to make out Game Boy screen and graphics.  Game Boy Color’s graphics engine doesn’t seem to have changed all that much in some games (Nick Toons Racing and Dinosaur’us) still look choppy and unfinished where as others (Alien & ECW) have smoother polished looks to the final product.

Gameplay is still hit and miss by developer where Aliens (a roaming adventure game) is sound and simple, if not monotonous, where as Nick Toons Racing is pretty bland and boring for a game model that could be so dynamic.  Q-Bert doesn’t do much differently from the original version besides add a new character and more enemies but the look of the game pops instead of just being Q-Bert in color.

I think Game Boy Color has potential and I can’t wait to explore an even deep bredth of games as I continue forward.  Please, share your Game Boy Color experiences!



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