Dynamite Headdy (Sega Master) & 2 Others

The name of this game sounds like it kills braincells to say  it with my mouth.  My fingers, however, enjoy the frenetic button mashing I get to do as this little thing’s head goes all over the place.  It’s starting weird with bodyparts, sorry.

Dynamite Headdy patrols through a vibrant colorful landscape looking for his friends that were kidnapped and this guy L-iterally (thanks Chris Traeger) to fight his way through each stage (conveniently marked somewhere in the background) and defeat a boss as the end of each level.

It has really catchy music, Dynamite doesn’t give off that bad attitude or coolness factor Sonic had, nowhere near, but he’s tiny, goofy and can change his head into things, so it still works.  The multiple uses of his head (using it to climb, putting armor on, or heads that change him into a vacuum essentially sucking up everything on stage.

It’s a surprisingly fun game that I’m told is a bit different on Genesis, so I’m looking forward to giving it a shot.  This is one of the better Master titles I’ve played so far.


Playability/Controls- 7       Graphics- 6      Music/Sound- 7     Replay Value- 7.5     Originality- 8.5      Final: 72%


Baku Baku Animal

Step 1- Make a Tetris Puzzle Board

Step 2- Use animals and their favorite food instead of shapes

Step 3- Have loads of fun!

Playability/Controls- 7        Graphics- 4.5       Music/Sound- 5.5      Replay Value- 8     Originality- 5.5     Final: 61%


Captain Silver

Keep the Silver and I’ll walk myself off the plank.  This game gets so many things so very wrong.

The jumping, the fighting, I don’t like much about playing as whoever the hell I am, a young pretty boy pirate it seems.  Collect keys and letters to spell out my name; is this Memento?

The music’s not bad, but it feels like such a trippy Peter Pan ripoff; giant bears and Cheshire -like cats, coming at me?  No thanks.

Playability/Controls- 4       Graphics- 4       Music/Sound- 5        Replay Value- 3     Originality- 1       Final:34%




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