River City Ransom (NES) & 2 others

Buck up and Fight!  I’d never heard of this game as a kid, instead opting down the Double Dragon path of life, and I would say, happy and none the wiser.  But, there’s most certainly fun to be had here!

It’s Double Dragon, essentially; the fighting mechanics are simpler, but still exactly what you get from DD.  But, this game does some things differently.

It has a sort of open world element to it, where as in DD, you move to one screen, defeat all the enemies popping up there and wait for the game to move you into the next area.  Here, you have a multitude of screens you can move through at will (mostly) and each turf is a different gang that you’ll need to beat up.  You also can go into different shops and buy food and books, both of which either boost up your “stats” or give you new maneuvers you can use to defeat enemies, some of which you need to get through certain boss areas, others which are just handy to kick this game’s ass.

The music is pretty par for the course and even includes some upbeat sounds that sound ripped from the Billy & Jimmy Lee playlist (I’m not complaining!).  It’s a fun game with some strange depth and I know it’s pretty popular with a lot of old players.  I explored it for a bit but overall, I didn’t latch onto it like most do, seemingly.  But, a fun gem to discover so long after it’s glorydays.

Playability/ Controls- 7.5      Graphics-  6     Music/Sound- 7.5      Replay Value- 5     Originality- 5.5      Final: 63%


Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

Oh Mickey!  You lost your 6 keys again!  Drats and Fiddlesticks!  Now instead of enjoying all these fun rides, I have to walk around and collect them for you.  Oh No!  The rides became real and every kid around here would rather ask me riddles than eat Dole Whips!  What a strange vacation.

That’s the game in a nutshell; it’s a weird one but oddly fun.  I had a blast exploring all the different areas trying to figure out their mini-games and collecting the keys.  It’s also weird to know that most of these rides still exist at the park after all this time.  The character you get is somewhat hard to control; not fluid at all.  I rode the Big Mountain Thunder Railroad multiple times and couldn’t figure out what to do exactly.  But, the Pirates of the Carribbean is pretty cut and paste platforming.  It has it’s ups and downs but certainly a unique concept at the time; it’s like the first mini-game, well, game.


Playability/Controls- 4.5        Graphics- 5.5     Music/Sound- 5      Replay Value- 6     Originality- 7.5      Final: 57%




What is happening here?  I’m supposedly Joshua, friend of Moses, and got his own book in the Bible.  You’re a very pixelated character trying to move blocks and circles around to find an exit in the stage.  It looks to be made like a puzzle game but has none of the inherent fun that’s supposed to come with it.  Then, the lightning round of Bible questions really took me out of it (I’m not opposed to religion at all; I just spend my youthful Sundays playing Dungeons and Dragons and felt fine about it).

I didn’t get very far either; and even if I did, collecting circles until you find an exit is a very lame and unrewarding game mechanic.

Playability/Controls- 1.5        Graphics- 1       Music/Sound- 0      Replay Value- 2.5     Originality- 3      Final: 16%





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