Oink! (Atari 2600) +2 Other Titles


Not by the hair of my chinny- chin- chin!

I can’t believe I liked this game so much; you’re basically one of the 3 Pigs (the smart one that used bricks) and you are trying to keep your house built up with bricks as the Big Bad Wolf is breaking it down trying to pull you out and eat you for supper!

It’s repetitive, let’s say that, but there’s strategy involved and speed!  This game will test your reflexes to keep these bricks from being torn away big time.  It’s also about positioning; staying out of the Wolf’s big bad breath stream that can suck you in like a Ghostbusters proton pack if he makes an opening big enough.

I got to admit, it got addicting and I slapped on so many layers I’d lost track but when the Wolf finally sucked me in, I was pitching a fit like Kanye West (except not so full of myself and bullshit)

Playability/ Controls- 6.5      Graphics- 6     Music/Sound- 6.5     Replay Value- 6     Originality- 7    Final: 62%


Street Racer – Speedway II

Two Lanes.   Two Nondescript motor cars.  No way to see what’s coming at you.  What do you do?   You avoid head on collisions that can total your car.  What happens if you don’t?  Your car will be repaired in seconds.  Just make sure you dodge more oncoming cars than your opponent and you win.

That’s the game.  The graphics are pixelated blocks put together to make facsimiles of race cars.  This is the stone age of computer graphics.  But, the crashing is fun, while it lasts.  With no sight of what’s coming at all, it’s all about reaction.  It’s like guessing what side a coin will land on when you flip it; you can go left or right but if you don’t commit fully to one side or the other, you’re getting wrecked.  It’s either heads or tails.


Playability/ Controls- 2.5         Graphics- 1.5       Music/Sound- 1.5      Replay Value- 4    Originality- 2.5      Final: 24%



I can’t say a lot about this game, and I’m not sure why I even included it in here; just to say it released in 1990 for this system.  Think about that. It’s probably one of the last Atari releases ever.  It also uses a Light Gun for the gameplay.  The graphics are simply breathtaking , a Picasso to a 2nd graders drawing compared to the first games from Atari’s graphics.  The sound is top notch too.  I wasn’t able to play it but just from watching it being played, I was fascinated by it’s scope.  I believe you are a giant planet, cruising through space, trying to make a new home.  It’s a cool looking game.  If you get the chance, check it out.

Playability/Controls- 0        Graphics- 8.5     Music/Sound- 7       Replay- 2    Originality- 1

Final: 37%

**Light gun needed


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