Snakes Sliter, Birds Fly, and We Walk #2


Is my baby

As I rub her head

I wish her mom

Could see her eyes

Same eyes as her mother

We cry together



Quo Vadimus

Freeways are meant to take us somewhere, we feel the wind in our hair, we stay the same, avoid the change, my veins, pumping life blood into me, rocking on a wave in the salty sea, we’re free, you’re heart is a box, a container, it’s the essence inside that sustains her, encased in peace, love and understanding, it’s beautiful, down to the core, we walk the ocean floor and witness miracles moment to moment, my mouth erupts like a volcano, the ash scatters over you like fresh fallen snow, and now we know, hate burns as the sun from suspended sky, it forces your eyes to tear, and I wait to hear that you’ve given up, you’ve finished your last cup, and the clouds turned black, rainstorms gathered on your mound, looking into dark unknown, a scream that rattles the planes in the air, frightened, too scared to care who might hear, now the ground rips up beneath you, and voices and prayers disperse into the atmosphere, fleeing like ants, the irony is amusing, fleeting vapors rise from an unknown abyss, clutch your face and steal a kiss that never awakens you, and the sleeping hears no sound or alarm clock, just the sound of your lover’s voice, asking if there was a choice


[You’re Allowed]

Giant justice, justify
the footsteps you’ve taken
the hands you’ve shaken
please lie to me again
our limit goes higher than a platinum card
Cushion the blow
the missiles we’ve fired
the bribes we’ve offered
connect your dirty dots
They don’t make the next constellation
There’s no path for our future to follow
it changes every day
like the job market
if only we had a coupon
Nothing’s cheap or free
Freedom means markup
so plan on spending
don’t leave it in a plastic bag on the end table, either
it’s trophy case material
The years we’ve lost
The definition
Your daily life, consisting of your wife, your dog, and your TV
Think of your life like that, and change the channel
Eat a different lunch
Drive an alternate way to work
Talk to someone you don’t know
Make your own life, your own choice
You’re Allowed



The water’s still
A wave of calmness has set
People are splashing and getting wet
Water skiers are working their drills
Quickly comes this grey missile
As it watches the people kick
Thinking of where to stick
it’s shards, lifeguard blows his whistle

Like a knife, it breaks the surface
gaining speed like a train
no sign of slowing, no sign of refrain
Grisly as it is, he does it with grace

First, the leg is pulled
under the water he goes
The fear on his face clearly shows
Ripped and thrashed and gnashed and bulled

The people rush out, back upon the beach
The man’s screaming, gurgling his blood
He writes in pain, nearly causing a flood
As the rescue team just can’t reach

The beast takes his last bite
And releases his little lamb
Hard to believe, must be a sham
After the attack, he only died of fright

Quick as it came, it goes away
Savoring it’s favorite drink
the creature that cannot blink
continues to feed, day after day


Bless This

The night is cool
For good reasons
The moon just broke
Into a new season

I sit at my bench
And place my fingers on the keys
I can feel my pulse
Shaking down to my knees

I play on into the moon
Stopping only to breathe
My day grows to night
My comfort is unseen

Ivory is my palette
Brain going numb
Feeding my fingers a meal
Until they’re brain dumb

A madness sets in
Notes fill my eye’s sight
I cry, but continue to play
The sun skips over night

My fingernails are broken
my phone won’t quit ringing
I write and edit, and am not satisfied
I my song singing

Hunger is calling me
I can’t answer now
My work isn’t finished
Don’t know when or how

My hair is getting longer
Sleep comes once in a while
The keys seem to play themselves now
Slowly becoming infantile

A month becomes a year
A year into four
I continue playing on and on
I stop playing for a time, then play more

After five years, I’m finished
I’ve finished my life’s work
The music has beautifully wounded me
It sings in the night as I lay in the dirt



The water glides calmly today

The clouds cast a slight over haze

The rhythm laps the beach, all day long

The seagulls coo their morning song

The traps are in, the trees are swaying

Salty air breeze with the birds playing

The vessel bobs on its giant playground

Young ship hands imagined the catches that’ll be found

Coconuts gather on the sandy grass

Grand blue sky turns grey in a flash

Rain filters in with careful precision

Pouncing the drink in a forceful collision

The windows fog up, as I hear the radio say

A tropical storm comes through; there’ll be no boating today

So I watch the scene, the struggle of the elements

The serenity that captured me that day, and I’ve loved it ever since


I Need a Hiding Place

You’re blantantly beautiful
You’re tantalizingly tempting
You argue in circles to squarely say what you mean
I’ve hated people quicker, but been content less than that
You’re bashfully bumbling
You’re curiously creative
You can be distressingly dismal
Even when you’re smiling at everything
I’ve left people for more, but loved them for less
You’re honorably heartfelt
You’re wholly wonderful
You’re so much I don’t know where to keep you all the time
The heart can only hold so much


Twilight’s Eve

A beam
of light
comes through a seam
in the night
Always watching me
Always growing bright
In a dream
as a kite
flying high

A fire
that burns in you
takes me high
-er than c loud layer
that’s new
unknown desire
created by you for me

A touch
that feels nice
one that I require
the skin that inspires
the red flame
burns fire on cold ice
as it melts

A girl
who loves to dance?
She swirls
in my arms like we’re in France
she spins and twirls
around me
She pranced and then
she whirls
in my mind and eyes
Into a trance of love


Flow Through

Set before command
watching more than him
details is where you succeed
angle analyzed; balance remembered
push off; goes blank
Body takes over…..
Mind becomes eyes…..
Spirit becomes you…..


Plucked from the Soil

Do you bleed in gummy worms?
Fashion like a blown light bulb
Chinese culture is the tortoise
Freedom of speech exempt in the living room
Curious creatures are we all
Under tables of mats and lies
Vodka slurs my digestive tract
Earthquakes don’t affect nightmares
All pretension can fuck off
Singing like a newborn bird
Opening bad news every day
Crafts sold for under ten bucks
Baby boy as soft as a squirrel’s tail
War brings us all home
But look where else it takes us

I crush garlic in my gaze
Showering in a rainstorm
Only light sees shadow
Grow up besides an oak tree
Don’t look back on success
Folk music gave us campfires
Groups of people talking through the night
Three references for all applications
Eliminate rhymes with create
Red velvet feels like home
Grandpa tells the best stories
Smile and laugh more each day
Work isn’t hard when you’re appreciated
Border patrols have to become militias
Guns don’t make us stronger
They only weaken character


Friday Night (it held many mysteries)

At 8:43, I picked up Liz and Dane (her older brother)
Liz was hot in pink, her purse matched
Dane threw up out the back window, Scotch and Apple Schnapps
9:17, Shannon’s house, rocked a trucker cap and a logo tee;
Shot gunned two beers secs after entering the portal
Janice DeMarc stripped on the mini-bar
Tom Gansen brought weed; it was shit, he used to sell the good stuff, but realized
Kids bought regardless, so why not make a profit
9:41, Liz went to the bathroom, probably snorted
I hit the meth counter, said hell to random stupid fucks, then sat on the couch,
Watching a derby wreck
Jason Fitz punched Grossey in the face; so Grossey’s woman bitched out Jason,
she nearly got punched, then got so pissed at Grossey, she ended up sucking Jason’s cock
later in the downstairs bathroom
We played pool , for drinks and weed, Liz came down
Someone spilled a beer on her pink top
I could see through it now, her nipples were hard
It was cold in there
Shannon’s brother was a douche
Older than her, and a douche
Tom tried to offer him some relax, but no dice
10:56, I packed up Dane and Liz, and cuss a stupid fuck trying to holler at her
I drove to the Pickup
It was wild, chicks dancing freely, Dane felt lucky
I caressed Liz’s neck in a tongue bath
Said she wasn’t over Phillip (her ex); I said she was
She had to pee
Got me so hard, I felt my pants rip
Dane bought us some beers, drunkenly told me not
to touch his sister
11:39, Shannon called me; said to come back
Liz wasn’t cool with that
Dane pissed off some stupid fuck
Busted a mug on his head, we ran,
Cops showed up down the road
Me and Liz were pissed, Shannon’s sounded promising
What a blitz!  Sausage’s cleared out
Not that I cared, Jancie’s tits were pointing upwards
Shed tired out by now
Kegs were empty; we found her parent’s liquor
Football broke out back, saw Phillip on the couch
Passed out,
I convinced Tom to piss on him, he got his ass whipped
Phillip was a dick, told him to leave
He grabbed Liz
I was fucking red,
Dane stumbled in, socked Phillip, then me
We kicked his guts in
More pigs,
12:42, Liz and I strolled out back, with Shannon
She drove us around the block as we pushed powder
Liz looked great in pink
She had to piss again, what the fuck?

We Are

I am the shawl wrapped around your snowy neck
I am the blackness that your heart will always get
I am the hand you shake when a friendship is formed
I am the wreckage that is left after the storm
I am the promise you make to yourself
I am the memento you forgot, rotting on a shelf
I am the money that you spend, spend, spend
I am the memory that is there with you at the end
I am the leopard, running with speed and grace
I am the prison photo that leaves your parents disgraced
I am the first love that you could never forget
I am the first love that means less to you than shit
I am the song you danced to at your wedding
I am  skin your plastic surgeon is shredding
I am the pain, the remorse and the fear, but
I am also the joy, and the happiness in tears










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