Snakes Sliter, Birds Fly and We Walk #1


What these segments are come from a book of poems I wrote as a young man, i’m not including the whole volume but just chunks here and there that I either liked, think are entertaining or are just a snapshot of the viewpoint of myself at that time.



Confinement is a word that has no application in poetry.  The words you print on paper are as unlimited as your imagination.  This is my attraction to poetry.  Poems have so many different meanings to so many different people, but they all emit an emotion in an person. There are so many beautiful moments in life that the construct of a poem lends itself to capturing: a blossoming flower, a moonlight hanging over your head, or the look of a beautiful woman.  But poems are not restricted to life; their forms move beyond what the normal eye can see; in space, in the past or present, in mystery or magic.  The knowledge that I can create this freely and make people feel something inspires me eternally.  Please enjoy.


My Heart Pumps

My heart pumps, my lungs breathe
My legs run, my anger seethes
My mind wanders, my hand writes
My spirit breaks, my will fights
My head hurts, my stomach aches
My friends lie, my friends take
My mom works, my dad cleans
My sister’s in jail, and that is obscene
My fish swim, my dog cries
My bed shakes, my girl sighs
My work fails, my efforts wasted
I perservere, my victory tasted
My life goes on, my car drives
My day slows down, my heart strives
My confusion, my contusion
My illusions, my delusions
My friends succeed as  I fail
I help a person who has no chance
Her heart pumps, my heart pumps


The Rose

You lay, sweet fragrance
Staring in your ruby penance
Whispers gush from your mouth
Blessed scent of love in the house
Sweeping waves of senses fill the air
you swim naked in satin sheets without a care
But I lie alone…..
A chill connected to my bones
As passion screams, crying
our vows are now sighing
bleeding, thorny prick of finger
your perfumed smell still lingers
one empty space, emptied for good
one chamber empty, as it should
I now stay high on a lonely peak
snow and freezing wind call me to speak
the way down is long, and inevitable
love lost and dead is regrettable
poison words my ears to hear
how will I make it to next year
prescription relief feels marvelous
my guilt becomes obvious
but love is not a crime
unless it isn’t given sufficient time

A Breath for You

If only you had been stronger
I wouldn’t have to
Our room still looks the same
the same for you

it seems all my positivity
resulted in less than nothing
nothing’s the way you left me
it was a long fall from everything

If only we could go back
for the next breath that I make
I’d give, with all of me
to you, for the last breath you take

In my arms
in my heart



You ponder, you stare

at injustice everywhere

your thoughts, your cares

burn up like solar flares

this insatiable taste

your lips can’t erase

your indistinguishable face

reminds me of the place

where life took a turn

humility singed a burn

the anger in you churned

you kept coming back like a fern

only enthusiasm waned

my whole outlook changed

your record has become stained

and my passion tied and chained

locked down, held back

your novel ideas turned track

eaten up like a shark attack

right down the middle, we cracked

now i’m left with all the pieces

bloodless, drained by leeches

the waves keep crashing the beaches

as my mistake teaches

me, you can only care so much,

for someone you can’t touch



Train at Midnight

Out of the station, through a foggy green mist, true to form, steel glides through it’s black cist, a hundred regular people and a hundred regular faces moving hundreds of miles to many different places; all crowded and cultural are the passengers of the freight that sits and waits, to travel or not to travel where a couple dines in peace; something special is out tonight, a dream on lease to give me a feeling of change, see new sights for me a time to experience all this is at midnight


Brittle Bones

He sat in his chair as he drank all his bourbon
Humming alone to his own little tune
A little whiskey is left in the jar
He may have lost his wife, but he still has a room

Crouched in a heap of dirty old blankets
Grandson sees him; other than that he’s alone
He huffs and coughs on his favorite Cubans
He may have lost his mind, but he still has his bones

It’s 2:00 pm, time for his red pills
After 37 years, he still doesn’t know why
His pipe is still full, he only puffs it occasionally
He may have lost his smile, but he still likes to get high

He’s remembering the days when he has his T-Bird
He was king of the road, with his own metal throne
He has a cane, but he’s too stubborn to use it
He may have lost his mind, but he still has his bones

Handprint in clay of his little baby
He hated those train tracks, always wanted to move
A wheeze, a breath and another long drag
He may have lost his job, but he still has a roof

Sam died thirty seven years ago
Heard the car screech while he was on the phone
Doctors don’t know how long he’ll be here
He says I may have lost his health, but I still have my bones



China is large- Homer loves Marge- I’ll accept the charge- Ride on the barge

We are the Blind, we Cannot see

Famous last words- My hair is absurd- My car’s not insured- You’re a dirty word

We are the Deaf, who Cannot hear

Cash or cash card- Shakespeare the bard- If you fall, you fall hard- Shattered into a shard

We are the Mute, whom Cannot speak

Nothing feels like the night- When you’re wrong, you’re right- push with all your might- I wish I was a kite

We are the Dead, who Forgot love
Please send her to me from above
Be it woman or be it dove
When push comes to shove
We will all remember love


My Favorite Color Against the Sky

Lovely fluff, billowing in and out, like a chest cavity, Sweet azure blinds my eye sight while driving through the mountainside, the blue hue calls the darker mists and shades forth, they mix in a swirl of purple and black, Light drops to a knee, a dark curtain pulls over the clouds, Each whispering a secret to the stars, who eats lunch behind closed doors?, I hand-roll my window to it’s hole and open my mobile can of sardines, the low rumble churns and deafening chaos, I turn a corner seconds before the rocky toast gets burnt to soot, Emptiness exhumes the sky cotton, it fills every empty space with heavenly teardrops and I soak it in, like knowledge, only these moments are worth remembrance


 Every Man

Every man has a dream, every man wants to see

that golden horizon, the sun that’s rising

every man needs a break, every man needs a breath

of the life we are living, lives with which we’re blessed

every man faces problems, every man has a heart

every man could be hurting, every man has a part

not every man has rhythm, not every man has the blues

not every man wins, but all men will lose

every man is something special, every man has shame

every man wants some happiness, every man’s not the same


Still Heard

No matter who you are, no matter where you go
Doesn’t matter how far, doesn’t matter who you show
No matter if it’s man, no matter if it’s beast
no matter if it’s most, no matter if it’s least
You are heard, yeah, you are still heard
No matter what your game, no matter what your name
No matter if you’re different, no matter if you’re the same
no matter what happens, no matter where it goes
No matter who you tell, no matter who knows
You are heard, yeah, you are still heard

No matter if you fish, no matter if you stay in
no matter if you cook, don’t think about it again
No matter if you’re cool, no matter if you ain’t
no matter if you came, no matter if you can’t
You are heard, you are still heard
No matter how quiet, no matter the sound
When you got an opinion, it’ll always be found
Your mind is your own, it’s never too loud
in a soundproof box, or lost in a crowd
You are heard, you are still heard














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