TMNT II: The Arcade Game

Follow me here: an 8 year old boy, finally doesn’t have to rent a video game, his mother actually buys him a game.  And not just any game; his favorite arcade game he got to play at the local Pizza Hut.  And not just any game featuring any characters; these are the Turtles, whom he watches every weekday at 5 pm.  And better than all that; this game is actually fun and not impossible.  Ok, how could it get much better than that; icing on the cake moment- the game comes with a coupon for a free pizza!  The same food the characters in the game eat!  It’s the most meta-real thing to ever happen to this boy.  Now, he wasn’t going to order an anchovie- ice cream topping on his pizza like the Turtles but it was still going to be awesome.  Tubular, more like it.

Ok, spoiler time; the boy is actually me! ( I know, huge plot twist- Shymalan style).

Here are my scores:

Playability/ Controls- 9.5      Graphics- 8.5      Music/Sound- 10     Replay Value- 10   Originality- 7.5    Final: 91%

You know what’s great about this game? It’s multiplayer but you can enjoy it highly as a single player.  It’s icing on the cake when it’s multiplayer though and just takes it over the top.  Learning the flying kick is key; it’s really the best way to beat any of the bosses.  Also, it’s fun to play as your favorite Turtle (mine’s Raph) but your favorite’s weapons may not be as conducive as you wish; Don and Leo are obviously better since their weapons are longer.

It’s just a classic beat em up with many colorful stages, tons of themed enemies and always a fun boss fight with a wonderfully animated baddie from the show.  If you want great arcade style action you can’t really get anywhere anymore and the best of that genre, this is it.  Turtle power!



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