Thunderground & Other Atari 2600 Titles


Who could have thought a game named after a bug would have captured the hearts of millions?  There’s not much difference between this and Space Invaders, and a million other games where you’re a nameless dot shooting for your life.  But, there always was something tough about the way the bug moves in between all the blocks that Space Invaders didn’t have.  Great sound effects, really clear graphics, there’s a reason this is still played and collected in cabinet form.


Playabiilty/ Controls- 6.5       Graphics- 8.5       Music/Sound- 5.5     Replay Value- 6     Originality- 6     Final: 65%


Pick n’ Pile

Shapes.  Who knew they could piss you off so much?

This game utilizes a block style Tetris room where shapes drop down into random order and you’re trying to match them up and dissipate them off the screen.  We all know games like this.  But, again, you don’t a game like this.

There are also faces.  Goopy chomping faces that fuck up everything in your way and then you know annoying and have it seen it’s pudgy face.  I miss the time (2 minutes ago) when it was just shapes.  The look of this game looks like it was on the forefront of a computer emitting graphics; it’s not pretty.  And again it’s just…..


Playability/ Controls- 3         Graphics- 2       Music/Sound- 1      REplay Value- 2    Originality- 2     Final: 20%


Sea Hawk

Fly back and forth in a seaplane as venomous helicopters and dastardly boats shoot at you while enjoying a breezy scenic view of …..Thor’s Rainbow Bridge????

Yep, the surface of the water is covered in the Bifrost; its’ a weird look but one that makes me think Loki is controlling these machines that just want to ruin my day as I’m flying around scoping out a mama sea turtle swimming ashore slowly and quietly to drop off her eggs for hatching.  Stupid Loki and his evil ways.

Playability/ Controls- 5.5       Graphics- 6.5     Music/Sound- 5.5      Replay Value- 5    Originality- 2       Final: 49%


Sorcerer’s Apprentice

ok, we got the classic music; gosh, my daughter and I used to watch Fantasia 2000 (yes, the better one) and do all the hand motions to that song….why does it keep going off?  Damn it this gameplay is frustrating.  Why do I just keep shooting these bursts of light?  Where’s the brooms?   Huh?  Ok, it started up again, and here we….what an ear-tease!  Just play the whole thing.  Oh, what’s the use, we have the DVD.  This game is so simplistic even 2 year old Savannah would find it repetitive.

Playability/ Controls- 3      Graphics- 5     Music/Sound- 4      Replay Value- 3   Originality- 3.5    Final: 37%



I don’t know what i’m doing but I like it.

You are in the ground, you need to dig a path out to shoot the diamonds at the top as 2 different other vehicles can shoot you and come after you.  There’s not a lot of variation to the gameplay, but it’s addictively fun to come up with strategies to out smart these other dumb tanks.  I don’t know why I got into this but it really hooked me for once.  And Thunderground- I mean they replaced “Under” with “Thunder”  let’s give a slow clap for that one.  Try it and destroy a few tanks as you shoot out the prizes and build up your ego like I did.  It’s fun and easy.

Playability/ Controls- 7.5       Graphics- 5     Music/Sound- 6     REplay Value- 8.5     Originality- 7.5     Final: 69%



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