Super Castlevania IV – Super NES

I’m not that into horror; I know a lot of people are; I did have a slight fascination with the “classic” movie monsters of yesteryear, the traditional ones, your Dracula, Frankenstein(we always called him that, even though he’s technically the Monster), Wolfman, Mummy, etc.  When I discovered Castlevania for Nintendo, here they were, guarding each level and all you had was your whip and your instincts because let’s face it: That’s a tough game.  But, damn it if it doesn’t do so many things right.

Super Castlevania IV is one of the few  “super” games that lives up to that moniker.  You’re Simon Belmont once again, our battle hardened hero forged in the fires of Dracula’s evil hell and he’s pissed.   The graphics are so spot on and detailed, the music is haunting, new age and frightening.  The gameplay is Castlevania’s gameplay upgraded for a new generation and the innovation inside the game has no equal nearly on that console (or any others for that fact).

The boss fights, the difficulty, the shitty way you get knocked back when hit, the side weapons, the secrets; if you reveled in any of this in the original games, it hits you in the side of the face like an Aaron Rodgers pass again, stomps your foot like Steve Rogers dropping a dumbbell on your toe and soothes your soul like the vocal stylings of Kenny Rogers.   There’s nothing not to like here and everything to love.


Playability/ Controls- 8.5       Graphics- 10     Music/Sound- 10     Replay Value- 8.5    Originality- 9.5       Final: 95%


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