My Bookshelf #2

Star Wars.  Boom.    Just imagining the beginning scroll of any of the movies is enough to get me pumped.  After I basked in the glow of The Force Awakens, I started digging through the stuff I repped on my bookshelf from the galaxy far, far away.


My wife picked this up for me at a book sale and I’ve mostly (actually totally) avoided all the Star Wars extra – universe books over the years but seeing as this was the story of how this evil monstrosity of the Empire was born, I went all in.  It was pretty action packed and featured some really cool characters, such as iconic villain Darth Vader.  I don’t know how close the events of this book will fall into the overall mythology of the franchise as it moves forward but even if it doesn’t, just look at it as  retcon and enjoy it for what it is.  I know that Mouse Droid did.  Then I stepped on it and said “Ow” and rubbed my foot for over 6 minutes continuously.



Besides having amazing covers, these graphic novels are super fun “in-between” tales that take place all over the Star Wars universe and cover all genres of stories, from drama, action, comedy to farcical.   Some of my favorite tales are of a day at the office (the Deathstar being the office), Darth Vader hunting down a hidden Jedi who may be more powerful than he is early in his career, and the tale of the Jedi Droid (otherwise known as R5-D4 who apparently had no motivation).   There’s also a long Boba Fett story for all those people, haha.



That loveable astromech you can’t get enough of; Star Wars: The Black series gives us R2-D2 and I just love this little guy.  He’s got all his gadgets he uses throughout the original series and and even rolls with the help of his 3rd digit to keep him steady.  This is a highly detailed figure that I think all Star Wars collectible fans will appreciate.


and Finally we have Darth Donald!   On our way out of Disneyworld a few years back, I had to some how quell my thirst for some piece of Donald Duck memorabilia and even more Star Wars love and this just jumped out at me.  They also had Mickey as a Jedi but as Donald says ‘Why is it always about Mickey?”  So I joined the Duck Side and brought Donald home to nerd up my bookshelf even further.  Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!




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