Sega Master – Great Sports

I’m not sure how to tackle this; let’s go high – middle- low.

Sega Master Great Sports series has a lot in common; there’s a certain aesthetic look to all of these games, but there also seems to be a lack of how these sports function in a video game function that you want and those were successful, and the ones that couldn’t figure it out weren’t.


My favorite:

Great Football

This still isn’t a great game; but I did enjoy the tough, smash-mouth rigor to the play – style, much like Arizona’s offense this season.  The graphics are still tiny and just helmets and jerseys; Football games really didn”t give you very much detail in it’s players until much later.  This isn’t a glowing write-up but there’s not a lot to like; if you love football games, there’s a million better ones.


Controls/playability- 5.5        Graphics- 2.5       Sound/Music- 4     Replay Value- 3.5     Originality- 2.5

Final: 36%



Great Baseball:

Hit the ball; great positioning at the plate.

Field the ball; some intuitiveness, good graphic sequences for fouls

Pitching: Okay but no real variance in style, only in where you throw at.

Other than that, it’s a baseball game and that’s it; no frills on this package, so all you bow-lovers on your gifts, you’ll have to wait until next Christmas and hope you’re Aunt Edna shows up .


Playability/ Controls- 5        Graphics- 3      Music/Sound- 3      Replay Value- 5.5      Originality- .5

Scores: 34%


Not Good at all:

Great Ice Hockey:

A mess of color and ice; with only a few players and a really slow lag time on switching your players off; terrible camera movement and pretty ugly graphics.   The gameplay is completely out of control; it’s got a fun, franctic style, but you still want to know what the heck you are doing as you play the game.


Playability/ Controls- 1        Graphics- 2.5       Music/Sound- 4      Replay Value- 1        Originality- 2.5

Final: 22%

****So all you old console collectors out there (I’m looking at you Steven J. Smith) from my limited experience, Sega Master should be last on your last and Great Sports should be left in the clearance bin at your local flea market; spend your money more wisely, like buying a funnel cake or a 25 ft. cell phone flexi-charger.




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