Final Fantasy – Game Boy series

Final Fantasy Adventure


Playability/ Controls- 5      Graphics- 4.5      Music/Sound- 7.5      Replay Value- 6      Originality- 4       Final: 54%


Final Fantasy Legends II


Playability/ Controls- 8       Graphics- 5.5       Music/Sound- 10     Replay Value- 8.5     Originality- 6.5      Final: 77%


Final Fantasy Legends III


Playability/Controls- 7         Graphics- 7.5        Music/Sound- 6.5      Replay Value- 8        Originality- 5.5         Final: 69%


**Okay scores are up above; Final Fantasy, at this point it in’s video game evolution, is a pretty highly regarded title, so it was interesting to go back and look at the titles released on a handheld black and white (okay, monochrome green) colored system from decades ago.  From my understanding, these games were created as filler games meant to be very easy and liner to lead gamers through the experience of what roleplaying game was supposed to be played like, as Japanese game creators weren’t sure Americans would follow or enjoy them.   I played Adventure for a bit and found it to be very nearly a copy of Legend of Zelda(the original) which is a great model to go after but I didn’t care for the combat in it at all.   Legend II I spent a considerable time playing , building up my characters, and exploring the worlds laid out before me and while I highly enjoyed the gameplay and character exploration before me, it did feel very by the numbers, which grew tired of.   Legend III was pretty darn similar in gameplay, style and progression but the graphics were a big step up.  I’m sorry these aren’t more in-depth but instead of getting into the characters and story (which there are a lot of) I just wanted to sort of iterate (since I didn’t re-iterate it yet) that there is some quality role playing stuff, especially for beginners on the Game Boy handheld and I think that even surprised me.



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