Scavenger Episode 9

“Fire….doesn’t just burn.”   The voice came from a hunched, squatted man with an faded orange hat over his head.  He had shown up moments ago, at first, told to leave, believed to be a feeble old beggar.  He asked to have audience with the master of this house, but again, was turned around, this time kicked in the bottom by Aldo, the largest of Dr. Lucien’s staff.  The old man fell down into a puddle of mud and picked himself back up.  He, again, asked to speak to the owner of the house.  When Aldo came towards the man a second time, a bright orange glow emanated from his eyes and Aldo got the idea that Dr. Lucien should see this man, with backup, of course.

“It purifies.  It gets so hot, it becomes cold then it becomes both.   It incinerates, repurposing whatever it touches to it’s most natural form: nothingness.   That’s what we all strive for, what we’re all living towards.”

Dr. Lucien stared at the old man and still wondered what he was getting at.  He had no interest in fire; property and money were what he deals in; neither were fans of fire.   Anything fire touches becomes ash and isn’t worth a cent.  This he wasn’t a fan of.

“Mr.???” Lucien lead on.

“My name’s Arnor.  That is all I’m known by.”

“Mr. Arnor.  since you speak of fire and flame, would you have anything to do with the newest visitor to our town?”

“Yes, Fyre, I sent him here.   What is more poetic than bringing nothingness to Nothing?  It’s far too long for this place to be wealthy and fruitful.”

“I take issue with this idea.  See, because, the wealthy and fruitful is exactly me.   And I’m not ready to give it up.”

“It doesn’t have to be so cut and dry.  Mr. Fyre can be persuaded to do these things to the right party.  He only needs direction.”


“So, you believe your fiancée is cheating on you and your father is helping him cover it up?”

“Yes.   I know it.   When Tad and me showed up back home, Father was immediately threatened by Tad’s relationship with me.   He knew there were certain….things Tad provided me with that he never could.”

“Ygh , gross.  Why would you need me to help look into this?”

“I heard Father speak your name the other day.  He was….on the phone, I don’t know who he was speaking to.  But, the inflection in his voice…I could tell, you’re someone that worries him.  I don’t say fear, because Father is incapable of it, but he does get worried. And I know if you worry him, there’s a reason.”

John looked into the wide blue eyes, with tears drying on her cheek.

“Fresca, I….will help you but I need something from you.  I am looking for something, information on my life.  I believe I was born here, in Nothing. I’ve found out your Father keeps the town records in his mansion but I can’t get close enough.  If I look into this, I need access to these records.”
“I can do that.   Please, mr. Crawford, If Tad’s cheating, I need to know  I’m not  a girl who likes wasting time.”

She leaves as abruptly as she enters and John sits down at his desk.   This could be his in.  This could be the way to discover what he’s been looking for.  He felt a dryness in his throat and walked over to the fridge.  Something caught his eye out the window.  A man..walking with some kind of box attached to his back.  He saw the man holding what looked like two hoses in his hands.  Then, a brightness emerged from the ends of them.  Somewhere, in a secluded corner of Nothing, a hunched over man with burning eyes laughs.



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