Super Series Continues: Super Bonk (SNES)

Continuing my look at all the “super” games Super Nintendo deemed worthy of the label:

  • Does anyone remember Bonk?  It seems like he’s a character that was meant to catch on, but I don’t think he did.  I mean he is fun; he headbutts things, he can latch onto things with his teeth and can change size and turn into a dinosaur monster.  He is a fun character and there’s a lot of cool platforming elements in the game and all his changes are the most and least fun in the game.
  • At times when I’d love to be smaller, I get the berries that make him a raging orange monster and when I’d like to be a monster destroying every building in sight, I can’t find those anywhere.  There’s also a lot of mini-games everywhere and the levels, while crazy inventive and vastly different from each other, they are waaay too long.   So there’s good and bad but mostly a really fun game.
  • Scores:
  • playability- 7
  • Graphics- 6.5
  • Music/Sound- 7
  • replay Value- 6
  • Originality- 8.5     Final: 70%
Super Bowling is a bowling game.   There’s not much super about it.   They do have a Golf mode which I’ve never heard of damn, is it challenging!  I can’t work out the exact targeting on the system and that makes the game a bit of a challenge.  Graphics are good though and it has some fun, catchy music.
Playability/ Controls- 5         Graphics- 6.5     Music/Sound- 5.5    Replay Value- 5     Originality- 6
Final: 56%
Super Buster Bros
I’m not sure if Bazooka Joe thought up this game, or Willy Wonka but it’s all about shooting bubbles.  It’s got more going on than you first think and it’s a bit of a puzzle game actually.   The bubbles fall in different configurations with diff. level layouts every time and the goal is to pop every single one with different types of shots.  Why did I keep playing this so long?
Playability- 6.5      Graphics- 5       Music/Sound- 4       Replay Value- 7.5     Originality- 7
Final: 60%
Super Caesars Palace
There’s a pre-game warning about how gambling is bad for you.   WEll, depending on the level of extremist personalities that play this game, it’s either really good for you or really bad.
Really good because you get 5,000 bucks right off the bat to do something with; if you want (and I did) you can sit and blow it all $5 bucks at a time at the slots.  I just kept pulling that lever, and by the end of my session, I found myself wearing a visor and blowing off my wife who was trying to get through to the bathroom.  I’d lost 4 hours.
Good because other than the slots, the gameplay and betting mechanism is pretty heinous.
Playability/ Controls- 1.5       Graphics- 1     Music/Sound- 1     Replay Value1.5     Originality- 4.5     Final: 19%

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