Scavenger Episode #8

“Whacko Activities, awful name,” Sam Wilson continued, as he and John were in a basement looking at a projector Sam had set up prior to their arrival.   They had found 2 stash houses, but this was not a drug running operation; these people were stealing birds.

“There’s a huge supply drop Whacko does at the end of each quarter, on a ship to Honk Kong at this port,” He pointed to a square block on the overhead map.

“I’m thinking this is where  dump off their illegal contraband they can’t move here, and ship it across seas, with a rep handling business on that end.  A friend of mine went to Hong Kong last quarter and found that stashhouse but again, no report of birds and what they using them for.  This is the target.  Are you ready?”

John had come, quickly, to respect Sam as a tactician and a stand up guy.  He wouldn’t let on what was so special about his red-hued falcon but they seemed to share a bond.

“I’m ready.   I don’t know my friend as well as you but in this crazy life, I feel like he’s more important to my future than I realize.  It’s cra…”
“Don’t say it.   If you’ve seen what I’ve seen , that word doesn’t come up much in serious conversation.”

Meanwhile, as night falls, in Nothing….

“Dr. Lucien, we got a call from Don near the lookout tower.  He said you’re going to want to see this,” one of his men said , coming into the room.

Dr. Lucien had just taken 3 red pills, the same pills he takes whenever he feels “it” come over him.  He nodded agreeably at the shadowy employee and found his sneakers.  A car was waiting for him in the garage.


Sam threw a right hook as quick and sharp as John had ever seen.   Sam had given him an impromptou training session on some of the finer points of self-defense and offense.   John had appreciated it. He’d never been a fighter.   Whacko employed a local crew of meaty guys in one-pieces and they were ready for a fight when John and Sam showed up.  Sam had somehow heard a falcon’s cry off in the distance, and had really great eyesight, pinpointing a large metal crate (No# 4582-90-a) in the distance.  Sam kept 3 of the goons busy as John rushed back that way, dodging a burly man who was quicker than he would have thought.  John got an idea. He stopped short of the man rushing him and put his hands on a huge shipping container next to him; the man didn’t stop and ran right into John and fell backwards and rubbed his head.  John still wasn’t sure how or why he had these abilities but he was going to use them when  he needed to.   He found the container and the smell coming out of it was really awful.   He touched the container again, and used brute force to slam down onto the lock and as soon as he did, a bird Sam described took flight with a thick rope (at least the remains of it,) tied around it’s ankle.   John spotted Pigeon, weak and moping in the corner.  He tried to undo his ties and Pigeon seemed to want to nip at him, but didn’t have the energy.  John got them undone when he saw the big goon rounding the corner.  John quickly grabbed some of the cages and stands in his way and took them outside.  Pigeon seemed weak but wanted to take off.  Before he did, John grabbed hold of him and felt his arms changing, and saw feathers growing out oft hem.   He beat them a few times and felt the wind underneath himself and suddently, along with Pigeon in his arms, he was flying!  The goon looked at him for too long as Sam came from behind and tackled him into the crate, then delivered 2 brutal right hands to him.   John saw his feathered friend rest on Sam’s arm and he embraced him with a firm hug around his neck.  It was touching and still a little strange to John that a man could have such a close bond to a bird.


Lucien found Tad rubbing his large head with his meaty hands, as his Jetta lay in front of him wrapped around a tree.  A half-dressed women with a red frock on , no shoulders, no back, and a bloody nose came stumbling out of the wreckage.  Tad spotted Lucien and immediately started dropping to his knees and welling up with tears.

“Don’t cry in front of me, it’s demeaning to my daughter,” Lucien snapped.   He surveyed the scene and told one of his men to get the girl to a hospital but stay with her and make sure she didn’t talk.   Tad he was going to have to handle a little more delicately.


John felt Sam’s firm handshake still lingering after they’d said their goodbyes.  He had some friends at a government agency who were about to drop some evidence off to the Washington Post about Whacko Activities and their overseas criminal empire.   John flipped on the TV and saw a burning building and switched it off.  He couldn’t look at anymore wrongdoings tonight.  Pigeon was on his balcony, with some red meat and water.   He needed to find out what this thing ate when he had a knock at the door.  John answered to see a long, beautiful pair of legs staring at him.  It was Fresca, Lucien’s daughter.

“My father is up to something.  He was with Tad last night, sneaking in late.  I need you to find out what.  I’ll pay handsomely.”




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