Poetry for your Weekend

The pressure of pain

It’s cracked, at the joint

walking each step as your last

lifetime to go

feel it every morning

sit up, old bones, feel the marrow sting

run, defend, sweat, work

it’s all the machine of your pain

and the treadmill of life

every step sometimes,

no bones in your laugh though

take a hand, a railing, a seat

concrete and glass, skin and shard

your daughter in your lap

typing general bullshit

arm comforted, here we go again

the lawn waits, it grows, pain or not

everyone’s watching, pain or no

live on, pain is medicine, sometimes…

pain is just pain



She Sees

blue, red, horses, wind, corn, milky-milk, wall-e, grover

keep up with me

two laserbeams see all

finding treasure in every look & glance

new life, new world, becoming your own , she sees it

she really did it

got my heart, yes, you did it

ready, set, go !

across the ground, running for all you can

daddy, keep up,

could be sawblades or cloud matter

one hug, warmth of the sun

unbelievable, but I see

Oh I see you, brightest beam

you will shine forever in my eyes

*for savannah- 06/09/09



I sit from one point

one dot in the infinite reality

sitting, yes I am

though all matter, it sits across from me,

can never see it through stars and space

dark matter and dead light

unknown mass and frozen rocks

infintessimal specks and gaseous giants

water vapor and acid layer

dense fog and rough earth

Yes           I see it

It’s there, in years and years in front of me

won’t need to dream, won’t need to live

or do I pretend?

Would He know?   Would They know?

Would I Know What to look for

it’s all so much clearer, with wife, with child

with life and full heart

but i’m still sitting, alone on one spot

surrounded by millions of others

Can they see it?

Blessed light, can you see me?

Is there anything to see?

besides what’s in front of my window?


Save Life

Take me for what I am, a beating heart with an exoskeleton, uncover the dirt beneath the mess you made and pay your taxes, it’s the only piece of paper the government sends you all year, make the most, burn this vessel till you find satisfaction, pick the strings, make beautiful with your love, calories are a made up word for people dying by hamburger, let the sun absorb more of you and be with your child, let her laugh in your arms and hold your cheeks, it may never come again, i’ll invade the ocean, shark or whale or no, exist with me as I have with you through Discovery Channel and monster movies, stop and breathe, okay, again, yes, you are still living, I’ll crawl like a turtle, slow and steady until you totally feel that, you underneath me, please become my skin like only you can, SING and make me feel it, guns go off in the distance and I mutter “Idiots,”, oh candy so sweet, we all like the stuff in wrappers, can you jump through a rainbow?  Never tried, but now I need to find one; imagine flying through buildings like he with red cape, it’s exhilarating, all or none sometimes wonder how the flight/vacation/day will turn out, better than whatever you took from us, sky produces rain, let it come down, #hahaha, i’ll be naked as soon as it strips my shirt away and drips down my body, walk through the snow that sticks around, salt trucks only save the ones who are worried, fresh doughnuts, crisp bacon , the smell of astroturf, vampires and baseball don’t mix well in my book, under the lights, in front of the screen, on top of the waterslide, driving through empty towns, life is what-ever I say or do when I’m here and I want all of it, every cry, every handhold, every headache, every flat tire, every thunderstorm, and every single kiss and I won’t give it back until I can’t breathe anymore





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