Don’t Play This Ever!

This may be an on going series, or not….but I thought I should warn all those out there about certain games from time to time:

Game Boy- The FIFA series

There were 4 different titles for the Game Boy sporting this logo and they were all absolute garbage.

  • Fifa International Soccer
  • FIFA Soccer 96
  • FIFA Soccer 97
  • FIFA Soccer 98- Road to the World Cup

Each one worse than the next or  even worse, the same exact game!  International Soccer was ugly, muddled and super hard to control.   But to my horror, Soccer 96 was essentially the same game with the same graphics, loading screens and gameplay.  Lazy Asses!

98 followed suit with 97 in the same way; completely copied the game over and let you spend your hard earned money on the game you essentially already owned!  It’s a travesty.  So, whatever you do, avoid these little gray turds and pick up a used copy of any Donkey Kong game for Game Boy instead.


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