My Bookshelf #1

Reading is important; reading is good.  I fell in love with books very early, escaping to a different world, one where we can imagine anything we want.  That’s what also made me fall in love with writing; just to entertain someone with a good story and to put a smile on their face.   That still holds true.

My wife shares this feeling and what reading nerd (or really cool home) is complete without a book shelf!  Mine is brimming over and I make sure to read each and every thing I place on it and actually like it or I just re-give it to someone else.  I wanted to grab random stuff off my bookshelf and share it; possibly give an insight into me , what I like, and maybe even intrigue someone else to find this item.  I’m not going to do in-depth reviews or anything; just share what I liked about the book and maybe a personal quip or two.

Well, here is the wooden piece of décor in question:

First thing (since I haven’t put it away yet) is something I just recently acquired at this year’s Cincy Comic-Con (and yes, I do have quite a few graphic novels here; to me, they deserve similar accolades with other great works of fiction- plus they have pictures!) :  The Death of Jean DeWolff- I haven’t actually finished it but damn is it gritty!



My wife loves used book sales!   I do too but she always seems to find more than me- anyways, she knows I’m a sucker for poetry so she picked this up for me.




Reading some of these outloud to my daughter is fun- she loves listening to me exacerbate some of the words and I love using them as diction practice….”The sun descending in the west, The evening star does shine; The birds are silent in their nest, And I must seek for mine.”  Some Blake for ya.


These are just my dudes!   I Leave this picture up to remind me of the good old days when we were much more good looking than we are now!


And this…..


This was the first book I ever bought with my own money.  I think I was about 9 years old and wandered into this half outdoor garden shop / half used book store that used to be around the way from our house.  I honestly didn’t even know what the Hobbit was, but the cover intrigued me so I picked it up for $2.   We were going camping for a whole week during Fourth of July (as we always did) and I took it with me and read through it during the trip.  I just indulged myself in it and couldn’t put it down.  Still one of my favorite posessions and books.



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