Adventure for Atari- & some other titles

Adventure is just that; it’s a pixelated travel through a strange world where you need to collect keys, slay beasts and travel just the right path.  It’s all done on very limited graphics but If you let yourself get absorbed into this game, it’s extremely fun and playable.

Controls- 9      Graphics- 4      Sound- 2     Replay- 8.5     Originality- 9.5   66%


Missile Command

Just shoot everything!    We’ve all played games like this and when it released, i’m sure it was exactly what gamers were looking for.  Now, when I sit down to play a game, i’m usually looking for a bit more but for simplistic sake, there’s nothing more fun that just shooting everything.

Controls- 10    Graphics- 6.5     Sound- 4.5     Replay- 7.5   Originality- 4    65%


Star Trek- Strategic Operations Simulator

I wasn’t too enthused with the title of this one; but it’s surprisingly really fun.  It’s unique as well; the controls, the game layout, and it really feels like you’re operating the lasers on a starship with the grid layout on the screen.  I’m generally pleased with this game and gives me hope for future Star Trek games I may come across….(what do you know that I don’t?)

Controls- 7.5       Graphics- 4.5      Sound- 7.5     Replay- 5.5    Originality- 7.5



Wall Ball

I think this is video game Racquetball?   I had a lot of fun with this game when I pictured Donald Trump and any Kardashian as being against the other side of the wall

Controls- 5      Graphics- 2.5     Sound- 0     Replay- 6.5    Originality- 6.5   41%


Robin Hood

What is this yellow mess in front of me?   I think…that’s grass.  It’s deader than American Idol if so.   And those trees…..they’re not blown apart cigarettes?   And is that supposed to be Robin….?    He looks like an earthworm with a matchstick and 9 volts hooked up to him.   And these enemies are just walking in front of me over and over again….Is this it?

Controls- 4      Graphics- 1     Sound  .5      Replay   2    Originality- 5    25%



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