Ducktales (Woo Hoo!) NES

I realize the following statement may hamper, or even fully lose me credibility of some sort that I may have:

I Love Ducktales So much.  In so many ways.

From the universal archetypes, to Scrooge having to remember he does have a kind heart for his family after ridding himself of his money lust (only momentarily) to the awesome adventures they have in real life (with Duck names) locales.  I loved it as a kid and I still love it now.

One of the supplemental reasons that prolonged my love (In addition to their movie, Legend of the Lost Lamp) was this video game from Nintendo.  Released in 1989, by the same personnel from Capcom responsible for the Mega Man series, it has a close knit-storyline of Scrooge traveling from locale to locale, reclaiming sacred treasures from his collection while also able to obtain secret items to beat other stages as well as secrets within each level.  This platformer has just as many tricks and fun treats as most Mario titles, except for being much shorter and is a perfect platform game for Nintendo.  It’s not too hard and once you can master Scrooge’s pogo tricks, you’re on your way.  I played this game so many times and even now, I still can pick this game up and start replaying the levels all over again.

Oh, yeah the music- not only do you open with the awesome Ducktales theme, but each level has a memorable jam that is among the best in video games, not just NES.  And no surprise, because Capcom was behind it and Mega Man may be the only closest contender to top Ducktales for having some of the best level music.  It’s mind blowlingly 80’s and rocking and just pixelated musical love.

If you have not tried to game, do yourself a favor, put down those pizza rolls, turn off that Survivor episode you DVR’d and play this title!   And dare yourself not to hum (or sing the lyrics) to the opening theme song as the game opens.  And then you’re already hooked.

ps. and yes, I did play the remastered version for Xbox 360 and it’s amaz-fab-incred-ing-ulous-ble!


Playability/Controls- 7.5      Graphics- 6      Music/Sound- 10      Replay Value- 10     Originality- 7.5    final: 82%


Ducktales 2

Yep, it had a sequel.   A full 4 years after the original.  After researching this one, looks like it came out near the end of NES’ life cycle so it kind of got bypassed by a lot of players.  I’d always heard there was a sequel but had never seen  a screen of it until I played it.  It’s completely similar to the first one, which isn’t a bad thing.  The pogo mechanic is much easier to control, which kind of threw me off because I got used to all the controls you needed to use the Pogo in the first one.  You travel to new locales like Niagra Falls & the Scottish Highalnds, again to collect valuable pieces, while unlocking mini-tasks to accomplish other goals in the game, like saving different members of the family and staff and upgrading Scrooge’s pogo stick to perform different tasks.

The gameplay is a bit more polished, the graphics really aren’t that much different although they added a bit more color to all the outfits, and everything else is pretty much the same.  So, more of the same of a good thing is still a fun time to me.


Playabiilty/ Controls- 7       Graphics- 5.5      Music/Sound- 6.5       Replay Value- 7.5      Originality- 3     Final: 59%


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