Illusion (Series) Starring Mickey Mouse (Sega Master System)


As we go through all these games, a lot of them will be showing up numerous times on different systems.  It’s going to be a challenge to distinguish which ones are better, worse, much different, or exactly the same and how that should vary a score within that system’s pantheon of games.   Castle of Illusion is a game I’d never played until this year and I tried out the Sega Genesis version.  It has both an easy mode and normal mode, both of which offer fun, somewhat challenging gameplay along with the cuteness and wonderment that accompanies Mickey Mouse and all things Disney designed.  Castle feels like a different game than that on the Sega Master; first off, the graphics aren’t nearly as polished as the Genesis version but still look brighter and bolder here than many Master titles.

Secondly, the levels feel different to me, but the gameplay still heavily relies on moving bricks, and destroying enemies with the bottom of Mickey’s bum.  It’s a jolly good time and the appeal of the whole mythos of the Illusion series is they can go anywhere they want with it and this game does a very good job of that.


Playability/ Controls- 5. 5    Graphis- 5.5      Music/Sound 6.5      Replay Value- 7     Originality- 6    Final: 61%



So, apparently Land of Illusion is a direct sequel but only released for the Sega Master System.  This game takes the ball and runs with it where Castle left off; a fantasy world inhabited by Mickey’s pals (and enemies) that lets you explore a fun medeival take on the House of Mouse.

You begin on a map system and explore each section and start the game with 2 stars (your life meter).  The beginning is rough going; I mean, starting any game with 2 hits is a chore.  But, once you get going and start finding stars in the levels, you build yourself up and get more used to the game.  The levels are short ; and it’s good because as the story progresses you need items and may have to venture through other worlds to get them to move on.  Nothing’s that different from Castle; the graphics are on par, the controls feel the same, but the game has the same Mickey-energy Castle did and it’s fun to play around with these characters in this type of a world.  The game has creativity for days and I enjoyed just looking at what they did with each of the worlds and what inhabits them more than anything.  Def. a great successor.


Playability/ Controls- 6        Graphics- 5       Music/Sound 6        Replay Value- 8    Originality- 9     Final: 68%



Sadly, World of Illusion was not available for the Master so I pick up with Legend which first came to Game Gear.  I actually played that title for Game Gear and found it’s decent graphics and confusing gameplay to be a turn off.  Oddly, I find myself back in that world here but having learned some lessons from that title, I glided through this one with relative ease.  With my daughter, we got to the final boss in just a matter of an hour or so and had fun doing it the whole way.

That could be the major knock here is that the game is a bit easy but I certainly don’t always need hard, challenging games to pique my interest and the fact that this one still provides you with that fun Disney quality helps.  The world graphics look decent but your map looks like a scratchy mess.  No more bouncing; you throw soap at enemies now (?) but it’s fine because the soap seems to be an easier curve to master than the butt-bouncing, at least for me.

I rated this one the highest of all the series for Sega Master and while it was the easiest, I think we had the most fun exploring this world is why it got that ranking; Castle certainly seemed to have the most creativity worlds and best colors which is important, but as a fantasy tale with a few diff. game scenarios to play through (including a racing type stage and first person shooter one) this game left me feeling more pleased about a Sega Master game than any other i’ve tackled.


Playability/ Controls- 7        GRaphics- 5      Music/Sound- 7       Replay Value- 9     Originality0 7.5    Final: 71%


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