Berzerk, Jungle Hunt & Other Fun Atari 2600 Games

Happy Halloween!




Let’s get berserk!!  I’ve always heard of this game but it was one we didn’t own; every kid for every system has that one game that everyone loved as a kid but you didn’t know about it; my only experience with Atari was my mom buying it at a yard sale and a box of games.  Berzerk wasn’t with it.

What a strange, addicting game; I imagine the faceless droid things are alien invaders and they’ve trapped me inside their strange maze like ship and I need to escape; it gives you that frantic feeling because, like most other Atari games, I have no idea what kind of map I am on.  But, it adds to the experience.  The AI is actually semi-intelligent here; and the targeting is really good, shockingly good.  I just couldn’t stop playing this one.


Playability/ Controls- 8       Graphics- 8      Music/Sound- 6      Replay Value- 10    Originality- 8.5    Final: 81%


Fast Eddie

There are a lot of games like this for Atari; the ladder game with obstacles at each level.  Surprisingly the controls for this one are very receptive; which usually isn’t the case as I’ve struggled on some others to actually get UP the ladder; it’s like they don’t know I’m on it.  It makes for frustrating gameplay; the graphics are more up to date but I ‘m guessing this game came later in the Atari pantheon giving it time to update the look but completely steal the gameplay from something else.


Playability/Controls- 7       Graphics- 6      Music/Sound- 5.5      Replay Value- 2    Originality- 2.5      Final: 46%



This game feels like something ahead of it’s time; not that the graphics blow you away or it’s style and gameplay set the standard for games to come; it was just an interesting puzzle/adventure game about capturing squares to advance.  I found it somewhat addicting; as just when I think I had enough, I decided to keep going another few screens.  I think it’s def. worth checking out if you have not tried it yet.  I don’t even want to spoil too much what you actually do in the game because it’s just so different from much of the 2600 library.


Playablity/ Controls- 6      Graphics- 6     Music/Sound- 6.5      Replay Value- 8     Originality- 7     Final: 67%


Dragon Defender

The only really cool thing about this game is you’re a dragon; not even a particularly cool or fierce looking dragon but a dragon nonetheless , fire-breathing and all.   Everything else about it is sub-par or just par.


Playability/Controls- 3       Graphics- 3.5      Sound- 5      Replay Value- 3     Originality- 6    Final: 41%


Jungle Hunt

Everything about this game just spells fun.  There’s nothing terribly complicated or hard about what you are supposed to do or even how to do it; but the screens move with such brevity and light fun that there’s nothing that feels like a “hunt” about it.  For some reason I’ve always called this game called Jungle Adventure because it is just a fun quick romp through 3 or 4 different screens that are just fun and look pretty great for such an old game.  This is probably considered one of those classic games that everyone’s played a time or two and just had fun with.


Playability/ Controls- 7.5       Graphics- 9.5      Music/Sound- 9       REplay Value- 7.5     Originality- 6.5    Final: 80%



Huh?  What the fu…….


Playability/ Controls- 2      Graphics- 1.5     Music/Sound- 1.5    Replay Value- 3    Originality- 3.5    Final: 23%



Wow, the graphics of this game were full realized, blown out colors and just super impressive for a game from this system.  That being said, the gameplay was extremely boring; very kid-friendly PC stuff from that time.  I’m almost wondering if this was a 2600 game or some kind of port somehow.  It has no sound except a few stray monkey sound effects while you run from under tree to tree avoiding the angry simian’s coconut fit. If curious, flip the game on and just go back to your day.


Playability/ Controls- 1      Graphics- 10     Music/Sound- 1       Replay Value- 2     Originality- 6    Final: 40%



Targ is like a strange variation on a racing game coupled with Pac-Man ideals; I can’t say I thoroughly enjoyed the game but it has a hook that makes it fun and enticing enough to get 20 minutes out of.  The levels look unfinished though; so  I was a bit tough on the graphics score but not really a bad game at all.


Playability/ Controls- 4      GRaphics- 3       Music/Sound- 6      Replay Value- 6      Originality- 5.5    Final: 49%


Open Sesame

This game is yet another clone of the Donkey Kong model; nothing memorable here except they def. improved on the controls since the days of Teddy Apple, a completely horrendous game.


Playability/ Controls- 5      Graphics- 3      Music/Sound- 3.5      Replay Value- 2.5     Originality 2    Final: 32%


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