Double Dragon Series – Game Boy

Double Dragon

This is just like the Double Dragon we all know and love, except it’s really not.  The levels all look a bit different but not enough to where you are that disturbed by it.  You get more combos than normal when playing Double Dragon because I believe you learn them as you go through the game.  The only big difference between this and the NES version is having to deal with Game Boy graphics.  Other than that, this is  a serious beat ’em up with most every DD nuance you would want; the great hit detection for a street fighting side scroller, the sick-ass music and all your favorite enemy characters (I’m winking at you Linda).  I had so much fun playing this game and it’s fairly easy as well.  I made it to the end within just an hour or little more.

I never liked Mode B so I didn’t try it but I believe it is on there for all you completionists out there.  This is one of the better titles for GB.


Playability/ Controls- 8.5       Graphics- 5       Music/Sound- 10      Replay Value- 6.5      Originality- 7.5     Final: 75%


Double Dragon II

Let’s talk about preferences:  Are you a Jimmy Lee guy or a Billy Lee guy?  I always thought I was a Billy Lee but having to control him here is a bit of a chore.  Now, it may be that I’m not completely proficient with his moves but JImmy seemed to be more of a kicker but I can only pull of a lunging uppercut instead of a kick with Billy here and it gets frustrating.  It just doesn’t seem to have the accuracy of the flying kick.  I do love the beatdown mode you can do here though and it took me a while to figure it out but when you have a downed opponent, you can literally sit on them and beat them to oblivion, Marv from Sin City style.

So, don’t play this on Easy either; you won’t get to play the complete game.  Again, this game isn’t that complicated and if memory serves me, it’s not much like the NES version of it’s namesake either.  Overall, I just didn’t have as much fun with this one as I did the original for Game Boy even though in most ways it’s still superior to a lot of GB titles.


Playability/ Controls- 6       Graphics- 6      Music/Sound- 7.5       Replay Value- 6       Originality- 3.5     Final: 58%


Double Dragon 3

We had this game growing up for the NES but I have never seen a screen of it for Game Boy and boy was I missing out! [[[[[Complete Sarcasm]]]]]]]

The graphics are just abhorrent.  Like really awful shading to it.   The combat of the game is also noticeably changed from the normal Double Dragon method of fighting, which also sucks.  It’s really just the lamest attempt you could make with a Double Dragon title; I’d almost rather watch celebrities lip sync and dance to hit songs;  No, no I wouldn’t.  Fuck You John Krasinski.


Playability/ Controls- 3.5         Graphics- 3       Music/Sound- 6.5       Replay Value- 1.5     Originality- 2     Final: 33%


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