Donkey Kong (Game Boy)

DK ’94

Ah, Donkey Kong; one of the most classic video game characters in existence; the loveable King Kong facsimile that is both friend and foe to the Mario gang; this interesting “remake” for Game Boy is based off his original Atari game where he stands atop the level tossing rolling barrels down a series of ramps as Mario needs to traverse the landscape to rescue the fair maiden at the top.  This game throws some interesting levels your way and changes up each of the 7 stages with different objectives.  The graphics improved upon the originals tenfold and I loved the creativity they used to change the stages without changing the main objective of the game.  Really dynamite job.

ps. after beating the game; apparently it continues; I didn’t get much further after that fact but apparently there’s 99 different levels to beat!


Playability/ Controls- 5.5    Graphics- 8.5     Music/Sound 6      Replay Value- 7.5     Originality- 7    Final: 69%


Donkey Kong Land

This is the ported version of the huge Super Nintendo hit; it time warped me back to the 90’s and while I didn’t rent that game much, i’m def. familiar with it and remembered some of the game mechanics.  You play as Donkey and Diddy Kong; the gameplay is smooth; smoother than almost any Mario game, has classic and recognizable music and is just a lot of fun.  The game itself is that muted Game Boy Green color but you can see the detail from the graphics made it over, not like a lot of other ports.  This is one of the better games I’ve played for this system.


Playability/ Controls- 9      Graphics- 6       Music/Sound- 9     Replay Value- 9    Originality- 6   Final: 78%


Donkey Kong Land 2

Wow; Game sequels are not often like movie sequels; there may not be a purpose storywise for making them but games can often overcome those shortcomings and improve upon and add to the tremendous base a successful video game built; This game does that.  You now play as Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong, a female Kong; both are smaller and have more abilities than their large cousin and you immediately feel the weight Donkey had and these characters are so much easier to control.  This game is just so much fun; so much to explore, so many collectibles; and the animals are a lot smoother to control in this game too.  Very impressed with this one.


Playability/ Controls- 9.5      Graphics- 5     Music/Sound- 8.5      Replay Value- 10     Originality- 8   Final: 82%


Donkey Kong Land III

Just another great game; this time you’re Dixie and her cousin Kiddy Kong and they both are just fun visually to look at; The levels here are shorter and easier than the previous games with collectibles easier to get to and easier to collect.   I don’t know if I like that as much but if that’s all that’s wrong with the game, you’re doing pretty well.  The graphics are a little more muddled looking than the other games but are still perfectly rendered enough to enjoy some of the worlds backgrounds.  Nothing else has changed much from the other installments either but they are so fun, there’ again hardly any reason to complain.

These games are easily the best group of stuff Game Boy probably ever made; but I don’t want to be too hasty yet; so far, these are just amazing for this system.


Playability/ Controls- 9.5       Graphics- 5      Music/Sound- 9     Replay Value- 10     Origniality- 5    Final: 77%


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