Evander Holyfield Real Deal Boxing, Lethal Enforcers & More (From Sega Genesis)

In the 90’s, Evander Holyfield was everything a model boxer should be; a strong, silent type who just went out there and did the work, striving hard to be the best in the world, a man of faith, a man of strong principles who hit like a Mack truck when inside those 4 corners.  His coming up as Heavyweight champion was the best thing for boxing at the time, and boxing games.  I played this game a ton with my uncle Bruce as a kid; we loved the system, so simple, but yet so brutal.

You don’t see the boxers feet, only head, chest and arms; you have a head, chest and energy meter and strategy is implemented; it became the best boxing game after Tyson’s Punch out; that game full of cartoony characters with one weakness, this one with real life street fighters who are trying to earn a living the hard way and make it big.

This game has a career mode; you build your boxer from the ground up and customize their body type, ring trunks and how they look; primitive to the features available now on sports games but was pretty darn cool in 1992.  We spent a lot of time building up fighters, increasing their power for more sure KO’s or their stamina to make sure their energy never tired them out.  For only a relative few options, there’s a lot you can do on this game.  I still love it and put in some serious ring time with my fighter.


Playability/ Controls- 7.5    Graphics- 6.5     Music/Sound- 7    Replay Value- 8     Originalit- 6.5    Final: 71%


Bubba & Stix

When I turned this on, I was stupefied; what the hell am I looking at?  A lanky dope in overalls carrying a stick with hair?  This was one of a slew of games in the 90’s where you take an oddball character and make him the hero of your franchise.  But, when I actually started playing it, this was not just a D-level Sly; this game was extremely creative!   You do a lot with Stix; use him to climb walls, hit opponents, cause background characters to open up doorways to the next section, move objects; I was impressed someone gave that much thought to how to integrate this stick into the gameplay. And the levels are gorgeously designed, intricate while being pretty short; a neat combination.  It’s a game I didn’t get very far in but am def. putting on my list to replay and spend a lot of time with just to see what the hell the designers put in there!


Playability/ Controls- 7.5    Graphics- 7.5     Music/Sound- 5.5      Replay Value- 6    Originality- 8.5    Final: 70%


Lethal Enforcers

Confession time: I don’t have the big blue gun.  It’s almost criminal to play this game without out.  But, peripherals are not something I really kept.  Regardless, the probably loses some appeal but is wholly familiar to me and takes me back to living at my cousins’s house playing this game on Xmas night.  It’s pretty dead on for a shooter like this; there’s usually issues with these games but using the controller helps bring up your speed and reaction time.  Everyone remembers when their light gun stopped focus firing and made Duck Hunt a bloody nightmare.  Another fun thing this game did early on is have characters modeled after real people; at lest to me this was one of the first games to introduce that look.   Good times.


Playability/ Controls- 9      Graphics- 8     Music/Sound- 4.5      Replay Value 6.5     Originality 5.5   Final: 67%


Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fight

Alright, pardner, you’re in the Wild West and there’s a whole gang of hombres need shot up; it’s up to you to pump them full of holes before closing time at the local watering hole.

Game is just as fun here and the setting is fantastic; you switch locales quite frequently too.  I downgraded sound because there’s not really any music and the same sound effects are on repeat which gets super annoying.  You also have to shoot at female bandits this time, which I thought was interesting.


Playability/ Controls- 8.5     Graphics- 6.5    Music/Sound- 2     Replay Value- 7     Originality- 3     Final: 54%


Pink Goes to Hollywood

First off this game looks amazing; the colors are bright, the animation is really alive and you get all sorts of backgrounds to play with including inside a refridgerator, in a haunted house and the trappings of a living room.  The music is that sly jazz the Pink Panther soundtrack is known for so that’s cool. And he’s fairly useful and easy to control.  It’s the levels; they seem to go on forever and turn inwards to themselves, and don’t make any sense. It completely saps the fun out of the game.  It’s a little loose with enemies popping up out of nowhere as well.  Other than that it’s a perfectly acceptable game.


Playability/ Controls- 4.5      Graphics- 8     Music/Sound- 6     Replay Value- 3    Originality- 5   Final: 53%



Another fun example of a game you had no idea existed; you’re in a multi-level compound and you play as 3 different “X-perts” who can fight and hack; you need to complete objectives on different levels of this place as they pop up and sometimes using a different “x-pert” depending on what level they are already on is the best way to do it.  The pre-game graphics and story were excellent; I was really looking forward to it.  But there are some problems. First, I hated the graphic styles of the characters.  And then the fighting; it’s abysmal.  Super slow, terrible hit detection, trash AI, it’s just some of the worst I’ve played on this system.  It honestly bogs the whole game down.  But, someone worked hard to come up with a cool concept, just executed not as well.


Playability/ Controls- 3.5     Graphics- 5      Music/Sound- 4.5        Replay Value- 6    Originality- 7    Final: 52%


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