Atari- River Raid & a few Others (Atari 2600)

I loved River Raid- it’s got a Frogger like quality to it; you’re this tiny plane, moving through a barrage of ships, other planes and landmarks determined to destroy you while you’re burning fuel the whole time.  It’s a very fun shooter that is one of those Atari games where it’s not so much what’s in your way but your skill level which you can build up over time of playing.

Strategy is key as well as knowing the lay of the land; sometimes it’s better not to take a shot and just bypass something because lining up your shots is very difficult; also managing your fuel is another tough challenge as a lot of the fuel around the board is hard to get to or in the way of an enemy.


Playability/Controls- 7.5     Graphics- 5     Music/Sound- 3.5    Replay Value- 7     Originality- 6.5    Final: 59%


I also played a bunch more Atari titles; i’ll give a play/ don’t play below in case you’re looking for some recommendations of stuff you’ve not heard of:

A-Team/ Saboteur- Middle (both games are identical; except in A-Team, you control Mr. T’s head, yep that’s it.)

Bachelorette Party – Play (for novelty

Cakewalk – Play

Dancing Plate- Don’t Play

Earth Dies Screaming- Play (over and over again- great game)

F-14 Tomcat Flight Simulator- Don’t Play

GI Joe- Cobra Strikes- Don’t Play

H.E.R.O.- Play

I Want My Mommy- Don’t Play (and burn if you own or see at a yard sale; just light it on fire right there and then leave before the police come)

Jammed- Fun game; play Once

KAMISACK- Don’t Play

Labyrinth- Play

M.A.D.- Play

Nexar- Don’t Play

Obelix- Don’t Play

Pac Kong- Play

Quadrun- Don’t Play

Rabbit Transit- Play (don’t judge the book by it’s title)

SAGENT- Don’t Play

Tapeworm- Don[t Play (and go take a shower just thinking about it)

UFO Patrol- Play

Vanguard- Play

Wabbit- Don’t Play (and stop talking in that Bugs Bunny voice)

X-Doom (don’t play)


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