Aladdin (Sega Genesis) & 3 Other Sega Games

I remember playing this at a friend’s house as a pre-teen, basically picking it up with no experience with the game and playing for quite a while.  It was that intuitive.  Recently, I read Console Wars by Blake J. Harris; in the book, he credits Aladdin as being a big boon to the Sega Genesis progress forward and promoting the hell out of the game with a huge Arabian setup at game conventions.  This game had the privilege of having actual Disney animators using their skill and signature style to put the game together. And it shows. This title is rich in every animated detail; the smoke from the Genie’s lamp as your health meter, all the instances of the Genie throughout the game, the individual characters, the way they move, everything is so lively, even the backgrounds are just beautiful.  It’s really a gorgeous game.

And playing it is just as fun as watching; Aladdin jumps, throws apples and has a sword to attack, all pretty basic.  There are a lot of collectibles and constant health, power ups and save points all along each level, where it’s not completely frustrating for a gamer to trudge through with no hope of completing it.  The game is long but never once is it not fun and not trying something new as the goal of the level. I only played through for an hour or so and got pretty far but it’s a game I’m coming back to.  This is one of the Genesis’ best titles I’ve played so far.


Playability/ Controls- 8.5      Graphics- 10      Music- 9.5      Replay Value- 8.5     Originality- 8.5     Final: 90%


Aladdin II

… for it’s sequel, that’s a different matter altogether.  The first jarring thing is the animation is completely different.  This game looks like a PC version, a very Prince of Persia style look that is jarring.  It’s also weird because Aladdin himself looks the most different; the backgrounds look extremely similar as if maybe some were re-used from the original; some of the enemies are animated identically.  But the extras, all the neat Genie animations, extra characters and fun things going off in the background are completely absent.

Also, you still have the apples but no sword and now you have this weird flip over the back move that is how you knock out enemies.  It’s innovative, I’ll give you that but hard to get used to as it’s not very flowing because each jump makes you tumble over like in grade school gym class.  It’s like a used car salesman got ahold of Aladdin, stripped down all the cool features and re-sold it for the same price.  Well, I’m not buying on this one.


Playability/ Controls- 4      Graphics- 6.5      Music/Sound- 5      Replay Vaule- 4.5     Originality- 2     Final: 44%



It’s a racing game.  But a weird one. I did quite a few tracks where there were no other cars or anything on the road around me and I inexplicably ran out of time.  I didn’t know how.  The game looks okay and has a cool radio feature but it’s very underwhelming.


Playability/Controls- 3      Graphics- 4.5       Music/ Sound- 8     Replay Value- 4     Originality- 2.5      Final: 44%


Sword of Sodan

The pre-game opening of this is pretty cool and had me quite hyped to play.  When you get to the first board, it’s a huge letdown.  Your character model is huge, slow and plodding.  You fight wave after wave of the same enemy before either fighting a boss character or simply moving onto the next screen.  Completely unimaginative.

And it’s a shame because you can do so much with fantasy games but it becomes something I wouldn’t even want called Golden Axe III.

Playabilty/ Controls- 3.5       Graphics- 6.5      Music/sound- 3       Replay Value 3.5     Originality- 2


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