More Super Baseball! (Super NES)

So, playing more Super Baseball games , there are a lot!!!  I thought I would update my SNES list and then talk about the best of those games:

Super Nintendo:
– Street Fighter II   93%
– F-Zero  81%
– Super Bases Loaded 3- License to Steal   76%
– Super Bases Loaded 2   75%
– Starblazer   73%
– Super Back to the Future part II   69%
– Super Adventure Island II   68%
– Zombie    68%
– Super 4WD: The Baja   68%
– Sword Maniac   68%
– Super Aleste    65%
– The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey & Minnie   63%
– Incantation   63%
– Super Bases Loaded   61%
– 2020 Super Baseball  61%
– Super 3D Baseball    60%
– Sidepocket   60%
– Hit the Ice    55%
– Winter Gold   55%
– Super Air Diver II   53%
– Super Adventure Island   53%
– Dark Law- Meaning of Death   53%
– Franctic Flea   51%
– Super Alfred Chicken   51%
– Zool   50%
– Zoop   49%
– Super Baseball Simulator 1.000    48%
– Super Air Diver    47%
– Combatribes  47%
– Street Combat   42%
– Super Batter Up    40%
– Magic Johnson’s Super Slam Dunk   38%
– Super Aquatic Games   36$
– Wayne’s World   35%
– 3 Ninjas Kick Back   33%
– Lethal Weapon  23%

So, I played 6 new baseball titles for SNES and by far, the best ones of this bunch (no Ken Griffey is coming later) was RBI Baseball 2 & 3.  I barely remember the old version for NES and not enough to recall exactly how it played.  This is going to sound weird but these 2 were the only ones who felt original and not just like a copy of what Ken Griffey did as far as batting, pitching, fielding ,the look of the game, the options on the diamond and off, etc.   RBI has kick ass music, intuitive (sometimes frustrating) gameplay and just kept upping the ante with new options as you went through; career mode, sort of, customizeable players and teams, diff. variations on game types, seasons, just so much fun stuff. I played through several games for RBI 2 and have a season going on RBI 3.  I def. recommend those games.  Ken Griffey is still a standout game; for a long time it was in my top 10 of all time but these are equally as fun and 3 at least actually features real players from the MLB, which is another awesome option.


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