Game Boy: Wonderful World of Disney

So, turns out Game Boy hosted a whole slew of Disney games; they’re full of ports from other more successful games, boring side-scrollers and awful semi-colored games that function more like an mid-90’s PC games functioned by the arrow keys on the keyboard.  There were a couple decent games though; below, i’m going to list all the games we played (me and my daughter) and the scores we affixed to them based on our experience playing them.  Then, i’ll wrap this burrito up with a few words about some of the standouts (both good and bad)

Disney’s Aladdin: 31%

Disney’s Darkwing Duck: 60%

Disney’s Ducktales: 52%

Disney’s Ducktales 2: 52%

Disney’s Hercules: 13%

Disney’s Mulan: 14%

Disney’s Pinocchio: 33%

Disney’s Pocahontas: .05%

Disney’s TaleSpin: 42%

Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame- Topsy-Turvy Games: 41%

Disney’s The Jungle Book: 36%

Disney’s the Lion King: 24%

Disney’s the Little Mermaid: 49%

Disney’s Toy Story: 20%

Some Notes:

A few games like Darkwing Duck, Little Mermaid and Ducktales (1 & 2) were fun side-scrolling games with good controls and inventive levels.  They were all fun to play.  When you get to games like Hercules, Mulan, Pocahontas, & Toy Story, we saw the Disney Interactive logo pop up and let out a huge groan (my daughter even picked up on it).  These games were in color (more like a monochrome-color mixture_ and were almost impossible to look at they were so ugly.  The controls sucked too and all the characters movements were epically slow.  These were terrible games.  Some games were direct ports from better versions with not faded colors and more fluid controls that I love played like Aladdin and Lion King.  It just goes to show how inferior most Game Boy titles are in contrast to their home console systems.


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