NES Movie Games!

Feature films have long had a history of porting their tale of cinematic majesty into home video gamer (and arcade)’s hands, in most cases, not just to relive the adventure, but to continue it or play an altered version.  Nintendo Home Entertainment System was no different; in fact, most any movie made during the 80’s that had any kind of action component to it was transferred into the little gray box.  I’ve picked out a handful of these games that I played a lot when I was a kid and wanted to relive the frustration I felt playing them as a child.


Jaws, was, is and always will be (from what I’ve seen of movies lately) my favorite film of all time.  It gripped me like a vice (a burgeoning shark fan already) as a kid and scared me so badly, I was scared to step onto my grandma’s bathroom floor (which was ocean blue).  I used to daydream a giant white shark was in the deep end of my neighbor Ricky’s pool.  These thoughts of this monstrous beast invaded my nightmares for a long time, yet when I was able to , I always took the chance to re-watch Jaws (because TBS played it like every other week).

So, like any impressionable kid, I thought the game would be just as cool.  Unfortunately, it takes most of it’s cues from the final Jaws film, the Revenge, which was an absolute abomination of celluloid.  At first, glance, this game would seem interesting; you patrol waters filled with jellyfish, rays and the occasional shark while shooting them and collecting shells.  Every 10 shells lets you up your level until you reach level 9, which then lets you up your strobe count. See when you get your strobes you want to actually find Jaws, because in the boss fight, he continuously comes after you , so you use a strobe and try to get him to ram himself into  the spearhead at the end of your boat.  This process is monotonous , like every mission in the game because Jaws is all over the place like a heroin filled speedboat.  It’s amazingly hard to spear him.  Everything about this game is frustrating.  I’m not saying I don’t like it but it’s a long hard road to take down this shark.


Playability/ Control= 5     Graphics- 6     Music/Sound- 5.5     Replay Value- 2    Originality- 7    Final: 51%


Karate Kid

I had never played this as a kid, but my good buddy Steve recommend I play this.  I have to say, I love the opening tournament fights and wished the whole game was like that; when you get to the normal stage, it loses it’s fun and also becomes a lot harder.  I loved the give and take of the way the fights happen, using your health to take on all comers. It’s challenging in a lot of good ways.  Other than that, I didn’t find anything to set this apart .


Playability/ Control- 4.5      Graphics- 5      Music/Sound- 4      Replay Value- 6     Originality- 5    Final: 49%


Friday the 13th

What in the hell are  you supposed to do?   I played this as a kid and just played on and on, not willing to give up on it, but never, in any conceivable way, have a clue what to do.   I still don’t.  I just play until Jason kills all of my counselors.

I will say, the music is chillingly awesome in this game and even though Jason is purple, he still looks scary as shit.  But, it is fun to face off against him.  The map on this game also sucks majorly.  Like it might be the worst map in the history of gaming.


Playability/ Controls- 3.5     Graphics- 6    Music/Sound- 8     REplay Value- 4     Originality- 3    Final: 49%


Bill & Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure

Again, I loved this movie as a kid.  So, when I got this for Christmas I was ecstatic.  Then I opened it up and played.  And I played and played.  Speaking of how Friday the 13th has no map, this game could have sorely used one.  Understanding what to do and where to go in this game confused me to no end and frustrated me beyond all repair.  Remember; no web sites were available, no cheats were out here, I mean, Nintendo Power was a thing, but I didn’t even have a subscription.  I tried that first stage over and over and over again and never made it anywhere.  I find myself in the same boat now.  I did look up what you are supposed to do in this game just now.  It makes my mind bleed thinking about the complication between retrieving the item needed and dialing the phone number right and Agghhhhh! No, I just am done with this.


Playability/ Controls- 1     Graphics- 4      Music/Sound- 1.5     Replay Value- 2    Originality- 5    Final: 27%


Top Gun

Goose and Maverick, two buddies for life.  They can have each other.   This game isn’t bad; used to play it as a kid when nothing else was around.  and all was fine.  Everything was pretty average, except the game looks clustered and dated to me now.  Only when the mission was complete and it was time to land; that’s when shit got real.  I don’t think I ever landed a plane on this game.  That’s how every session of Top Gun ended; with me in a burning pyre in the ocean.

Playabilty/ Controls- 4      GRaphics- 3      Music/Sound- 3      Replay Value- 4     Originality- 4.5    Final: 37%


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