Space Invaders- Atari 2600

You could call this the original “shooter” which is the most popular game around these days.  The one and only panel of electronic images of Space Invaders is one of the most iconic in video games, period.  You, playing as a tiny , gutsy ship, below 3 large blockades, shooting up at 6 rows of aliens ready to slowly and steadily chomp down on you and takeover mankind.  It’s an image that may have inspired the slew of alien invasion movies we face in the 90’s; a metaphor for the overwhelming odds some of us feel like we face every day- knock down one problem, another row takes its’ place.  The shields you can hide behind can be shot away; the slow wear and tear of life, love and the world as a whole shutting you down, one misplaced shot at a time.  It could even represent the hourglass of life, ticking away, or even revealing your true self, peeling back the layers until you’re exposed, vulnerable.  Or it could just be a video game.   A great video game.


Playability/ Controls- 9      Graphics- 3       Music/Sound- 4     Replay Value- 5     Originality- 6    Final: 54%


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