X-Men (Sega Genesis) & 3 Other Sega Genesis Titles

When the 90’s hit, comic books blew up in popularity to a crazy degree; especially the X-Men.  It spawned a wildly popular cartoon series on Fox Saturday Mornings, which pretty much grew into this game.  Here you can choose from 4 popular X-Men characters, Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Gambit.   Each had a few distinct and indistinct advantages over the other (Gambit had longer reach, Nightcrawler better movement and Wolvie could heal back energy).  I have fond memories of this game as a kid; digging into it for hours with my cousins.

Fond memories they are…..of the first 2 stages.  This game be hard!!!!  I just loved the look of the game, the layout of the stages, the soundtrack customized to each stage, even the sound effects I remembered like it was yesterday. If the game has any flaws, it’s really difficult.  It also features the first (and only as Far as I know) time when you had to reset the game to activate the next level- just don’t bear down on that button too hard!


Playability/ Controls- 8       Graphics- 8      Music/Sound- 7.5      Replay Value- 9    Originality- 8.5   Final: 82%


Road Rash

This is another great game from my childhood; nasty road racing where you can break other peoples’ skulls and they’re trying to do the same.  The graphics don’t look as I remember but man the music is rocking in this game.  It’s a no pressure type game where you don’t even care if you’re winning the race.  I don’t think it holds a candle to F-Zero or Mario Kart or anything but still a fun race game with some extra elements thrown in.


Playability/ Controls- 7.5      Graphics- 5. 5    Music/Sound- 8      Replay Value- 5     Originality- 6     Final: 64%


Arrow Flash

When I see this title, I think of a mash-up of two popular CW shows- This is your new wave Gradius game.  You’re a plane (tiny) that is flying through a crazy clogged space jam as every other ship in the galaxy is trying to blow you up.  You collect weapons(ala Contra) that give different effects; these are some cool weapons too.  I personally like the laser one.  If you get into these games, make sure you play this one at least once for your tiny plane shooter bucket list (I’m guessing at least 1 guy has one!)


Playability- 6.5       Graphics- 5       Music/ Sound- 3       Replay Value- 5     Originality- 2     Final: 43%



As you sit beachside, what would you want next to you?   A mojito, a bronzed beach babe, perhaps a good book; how about a slide puzzle?  And to further relax you, how about some lite contemporary jazz and a slime bubble constantly breaking apart and reforming itself like a lava lamp as you work this puzzle.

All kidding aside, this is a really tough challenge game.  You control the speed of a ball as you can only move 1 piece at a time trying to get this ball to follow a pre-carved path along this puzzle to finish it.  It’s a very out-there concept that I could see pretentious hipster gamers digging.


Playability- 4.5       Graphics- 4      Music/Sound- 5      Replay Value- 8       Originality- 9     Final: 61%


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